16 February 2016

Three Things Tuesday

S'up homies!

I was about to say "Happy Tuesday" but we all know Tuesdays are THE WORST so I'm going to go with "Hang on in there guys- it's almost ruddy Wednesday!". Thankfully, all is not lost, because the world is full of beautiful things and today I'm sharing three of them with you. Ready? 

1. Escargo-go-GO
The lovely Bex over at the Pigeon's Nest (she of the incredible unicorn hoop) is only having a bloody GIVEAWAY to win one of her super adorbs crochet snails. You can find Bex here on Facebook to do the competition-y rules. Please note, there is a catch - you have to decide on a favourite colour. She's an evil vixen that girl. 

I'm off to stare at a rainbow and start making a shortlist. I've only got til Saturday after all!

2. Bramances for ever
Who needs a date* when your BFF brings you surprise Valentine's gifts!? Especially ones involving faux-snakeskin boxes. 

3. Myth Bust-ing
*boob-related warning klaxon*
Don't panic, guys- there's no nudity here. But I AM going to (briefly) talk about my lady-lumps**. 

Is it just me, or are bras really secret evil boob cages and the most uncomfortable things on the entire planet?! I've actually considered installing a bra hook next to my coat hook, so I can banish them the minute I get home. Well, my friends, let me tell you - this bra has totally changed my life. It's as if your boobs are being hugged (in a totally friends-only way, obvs) by the softest material known to man. I don't know what that material is, but then I'm not a man (hence why I need to own lady-lump holders). Seriously, ladies - treat yo' self (and your boobs) to one of these

Finally, in other news, I've decided I probably shouldn't be allowed near the internet this early in the morning. Apparently my discussing-boobs-online filter has yet to activate. Sorry.

Katie xxx

* OK, I also had a date. Which involved alcoholic milkshakes and the phrase "I breakfast on the screams of tiny plastic men". BEST. VALENTINE'S. EVER. 

**That is the worst thing anyone has ever called boobs. I do apologise. It will never happen again.


  1. That IS. a nasty way to describe them! Yuck, never again!!! Ooh, date....
    I would like a really comfy bra, yes please! Hurrah for that!!x

  2. Lady lumps? How could you. That bra is gert pretty too though, extra points for that.
    And a date you say? Interesting....
    Alcoholic milkshakes though, bleurgh.
    M x