20 February 2016

Six Things Saturday

Hello lovelies!!

Happy weekend!! Let's break out the bubbly and dance on the table! 

Here's a quick snapshot of six swell things currently contributing to my cheery exterior. Ready?

1. Cardtastrophy
Have you and a friend ever started a competition to buy each other the worst possible birthday card? Mine's been going on for years now... Here's my latest contribution (he loved it, obvs). 

2. Old school #selfie
My work put up dividers between our desks this week, and I was so worried my colleague would miss being able to see my face at all times that I pinned this to her side of the barrier. She was, of course, incredibly relieved.

3. Dream Land
My friend's kids recently took it upon themselves to think up some millionaire-making business ideas. Their shortlist included this gem: 

But they settled on writing a full business plan for "Dream Land", which appeared to be some kind of theme park/petting zoo/holiday resort hybrid: 

I think we can all agree those kids would KILL IT on Dragons' Den. From the "big meeting room - for work people" to the inclusion of "all species - (even aliens)" they left no entertainment-related stone unturned.

4. Cold comfort
Today's lunch consistent of a packet of Moroccan-style soup combined with some super-speedy couscous. My winter-chilled bones were incredibly grateful, and it made me feel like I was back in the souks. Totally winning at lunch. 

5. Comic strip
This month my Book Club decided we'll all read a comic of our choosing, then do show-and-tell over cocktails. To be brutally honest, I've struggled to find any comics I've actually enjoyed (why are you all so dark and miserable, comic book writer people?!), but I think I'm finally starting to see the attraction...

6. Heart attack
Well, where else would you keep the empty box from the Valentine's from your BFF?!

What's been making you giddy with delight lately?

Katie xxx


  1. Awesome card! Your lunch is definitely a winner, they should serve it at Dream Land! xxx

  2. Bit late reading this but I have a couple of suggestions of comics for you, I've been reading a few great ones lately and some of them aren't doom and gloom at all! So check out 'Lumberjanes', 'Nimona' (actually a graphic novel rather than a comic), 'I hate Fairyland', 'Saga', and 'Papergirls'! The first three in particular are very lighthearted.x