29 January 2015

Three Things Thursday

Hello m'dears!

How have you been? 

Me oh my, have I got some treats in store for you today, in the form of three things currently making me twirl about in giddiness like Julie Andrews on a mountainside. Let's get this party started. 

1. Palmer's Cocoa Butter
Have you ever discovered something that made your whole life pre-that thing seem practically pointless? Well, I don't want to dramatise here (as if!), but this is very much one of those things. I can't believe I never knew that there was a moisturiser which is basically a legitimate way of rubbing a Milky Bar into your own face. 

[image source]

Seriously, it smells EXACTLY like white chocolate, and should probably come with a warning that using it will cause people to lick your jawline in the street. True story. It's equal parts delicious and dangerously addictive, and I've only just managed to resist eating it on toast. Get on it. 

2. Lucky Unicorns
I've been lusting after photos of previous Lucky Dip Club boxes on instagram for bloomin' ages, so when I found out that January's theme was unicorns(!!) I took it as a sign from The Gods of Glittery Magic that I should sign up IMMEDIATELY. I then promptly forgot all about it, so its arrival yesterday was basically a surprise present from Past Me. There might have been some gleeful squealing during the unwrapping process, but I defy you to find one person without a heart of stone who wouldn't squeal on discovering these beauties:

3. Watermelon Martinis
A few weeks ago I met a girlfriend for dinner at Burgers and Cocktails (creators of the Gravy Burger). We agreed it would be positively rude not to take advantage of their Happy Hour half-price cocktails; especially when half of them tasted like sweets. Our firm favourite of the night was their incredible Watermelon Martini. It's like a (drunken) summer in a sugar- (/salt-) rimmed glass. 

The burgers are also pretty darn fabulous, with veggie options that don't seem like an afterthought, and the sides include WHEELS OF MACARONI CHEESE. The brownie sundaes are OK, I guess, if you like brownie, ice-cream, and chocolate sauce all piled up together in a massive glass. I managed to choke this one down, because I'm a trooper.  

What's been floating your boat recently? 

Katie xxx


  1. with reference to #1, you're not pregnant are you? that stuff is pretty good on stretch marks ;)

  2. Oooh I've just had a good old catch up of your blog. LOVELY LOVELY things to read. How bloody marvellous was the unicorn box? xx

  3. Totally going to be buying some palmers coco butter if it smells like milky bar!

  4. Who is the person brandishing a knife/spoon in a menacing manner in the background of the ice-cream photo? I'd be sure it was you but for the fact presumably you are taking the shot!
    The lucky dip is gorgeous- I saw this on Duck in a dress'spost and was tempted but the Glitterati is enough/too much for me at the moment!x

  5. My first comment disappeared so I'm sorry if there's two comments that show up...

    Palmer's Cocoa Butter is one of my favourite moisturizers! I started using it back in high school when I found out it helped with stretch marks and puberty was not kind on my hips. That brownie sundae looks amazing and is making me crave something sickly sweet...

  6. That brownie sundae! Anything with brownie pieces that big is a winner methinks :-) (but I'm also intrigued, what's the blue pudding/drink thingy next to it?) And yay for lucky dip club, you're right, it's a lovely surprise when it arrives! :-) xxx