5 February 2015

Three Things Thursday

Hello lovelies!

How are you?

I can't believe it's been a whole week since my last TTT post, despite the fact that logic tells me there's traditionally a week-long space between Thursdays. But still, where has the time gone?! etc. etc...

Without further ado, here's a list of three things I'm currently loving almost as much as Kitchen Dancing to All About That Bass...

1. Charming Correspondence
Despite being an avid lover of internet-based communication to the point where I basically count this blog as my social life, I've always felt there's something rather magical about good ol' fashioned pen-to-paper post. I love the personal element of handwritten letters, especially when drafted on unusual stationery, and the fact they make it easier to pretend to be a Jane Austen heroine than when receiving missives by email. 

I'm a huge fan of quirky illustrations on envelopes (who would've thunk it, huh?), which I feel tend to usually be underutilised for maximum creativity. I imagine it also cheers the postie up no end to be delivering letters decorated with hand-drawn dinosaurs/goblins/ penguins or a handful of glittery stickers. I was therefore rather overjoyed to find this gem on the back of a recent letter from a penpal: 

2. Immaturity
Sometimes, one must simply push aside one's usually highly sophisticated manner in favour of snort-laughing like a small child deploying a whoopie cushion. Who's with me? 

3. Appreciating the simple things
I'm prescribing you all a 5 minute break to appreciate the simple things in life, in whatever form works best for you. A bowl of delightfully pink porridge, a beautiful moss-covered wall, or walking behind someone with a really good bum*...

What have you been appreciating recently?

Katie xxx

* Come on - admit it. You were sad there wasn't a bum photo. 


  1. I admit it - I felt a bit cheated when I scrolled down and there wasn't a bum photo! I've just had my 5 minutes appreciating some tasty trifle!

  2. I too was disappointed at the lack of bum picture. Point number two made me laugh :) and yes to envelope doodling! I spent 5 mins earlier appreciating the perfect of my poached egg - yolk was on point :) X

  3. Glad you liked the envelope decorage! For one hideous moment I was aghast that my new name might be revealed to the internet. Luckily for your censoring!!!
    I had scrolled down too quickly to tell if I was disappointed or not about the lack of bum. Luckily my husband has a lovely little one so I like walking behind him! TMI? x

    1. I loved it- thank you! Never fear; I was very careful to obscure it before posting :) That's definitely not TMI; I say we need to share MORE information about our partners' bums online. xxx

  4. I scrolled down looking for that bum photo... that pink porridge looks yummy. Is it fruit making it pink?

    1. Haha - amazing! Yes; the porridge had fresh berries and stewed apple. It was delicious! xxx

  5. The Bearded Tit one was brilliant, and I love getting hand-written letters too, the more creative the better. I tagged you for an award over on my blog! - Tasha

  6. Aww- thanks Tasha! That's so sweet of you :) I'll go and find it immediately xxx