25 May 2014

Six Things Sunday

Hello lovelies!

How have your weekends been so far? I reckon we need to have more three day weekends; they're definitely better than two day weekends. Who's with me? 

My weekend has been pretty excellent so far, and I've shared a few highlights below:

1. Wine
Wine is excellent. I might have participated in a glass before writing this post. Mmmm... wine.

2. Incredible presents (Part 1)
My friend Lucy bought me this incredible weekend bag as a belated birthday present:

image source

Little did Lucy know, I'd earmarked this bag a few weeks ago as a potential new luggage option for city breaks. I've got a serious case of wanderlust at the moment, and I'm hoping we can find time to explore a few new sites in the UK in the next month or so. 

3. Incredible presents (Part 2)
If the beautiful bag wasn't enough, Lucy also bought me a seriously amazing mug from Creature Cups. I've been lusting after the whole range for quite some time, and Lucy definitely chose the perfect one for me:

Just an ordinary mug of coffee... until the T-Rex appears out of nowhere!

4. Comedy gifts
Whilst out for a ladies' lunch, I spotted a selection of beers from this brewery, and felt compelled to buy Tom a bottle (especially as I'd been so spoilt myself with lovely presents!). 


5. Channelling Tony Robinson
For the last few weekends I've basically been in my own version of Time Team, due to unearthing all kinds of bits and pieces whilst digging up some of the flowerbeds in our garden. Sadly, there's been no Roman pottery or pirate gold, but I did find a newt skeleton (we have live ones in our pond).

6. Crafty time
I spent most of today covered in PVA and bits of wool, making a new homage (/shamelessly plagiarised) craft project. I'm going to share the finished item later this week, but here's a sneak peak:

What have you been up to this weekend? 

Katie xxx


  1. Definitely with you on the more three day weekends! Some fab presents there and looking forward to seeing your craft project! :) xx

  2. I'd be thrilled to find a newt skeleton! The bag is lovely and I absolutely love the dino mug, I need some of those! We really do need more 3 day weekends :)

    1. I was impressed with how intact it was, despite being moved about whilst I was digging the flowerbed. Everyone needs a hidden animal mug - I might add that as a caveat to the three-day weekend petition (so people can have a cuppa in bed in it on their extra day off) xxx

  3. How fantastic to find a newt skeleton! Reminds me of Gussie Fink-Nottle from Jeeves and Wooster. And don't worry, to participate in a glass of wine means you shared it with others, right? So you must only have got a couple of sips in the end ;). Love the weekend bag! I got one with foxes on it a few months ago and it hasn't had occasion to leave the house yet, boo! x

    1. I don't know who Gussie is but I do love a bit of Hugh Laurie so I'll try and find an episode with her in (or stop being so lazy and read the book; although that doesn't have the bonus of Hugh Laurie :p) I probably should share any future glasses of wine - even one is too much for me (hence using "participated" instead of "partaken"... oops!) Your bag sounds lovely- I hope you get to take it away somewhere exciting soon and let other people admire it :) xxx

  4. We used to have a frog version of that mug except it was painted in frog colours!!! Love t-Rex!!!
    Nice weekend it seems- great bag!!! I'm.currently being driven down the A3.after spending 2 days on a barge. It was lovely until the heavens opened!!! SO glad to be in a warm car! X

    1. What happened to the frog mug? Sounds like you had a lovely weekend! I hope you're home and in the dry now :) xxx

  5. Oh that weekend bag and mug are lovely! I've always wanted one of those mugs. I think they're so cute.

  6. Cool mug! I had a similar experience yesterday. My husband made me a cuppa and as I got near to the bottom there were lots of solid CHUNKS in there. Turns out the milk was off. He's always trying to poison me. Dinosaurs are better. xxx

    1. Mmmm... lumpy tea. Delicious! Well, fingers crossed your husband doesn't up his game and put a live dinosaur in your next cup of tea, and make it look like an "accident" xxx