20 May 2014

Three Things Tuesday

Hey sweetcheeks! 

How's your week going? 

I thought I'd share a few things today that are currently putting a spring in my step. 

1. Lovely compliments from even lovelier ladies
I was over-the-moon and a bit teary-eyed (it was totally hay fever. Ahem) to recently stumble across not one but two unbelievably sweet posts about this little slice of the internet. The first was by Louisa, who is one of the nicest people in the whole wide world (fact) and a fountain of brilliant, unusual knowledge, which is awesome. If you're not following Louisa already then hop to it, because her blog is more heartwarming than eating a curry too fast. Only way better, because it doesn't hurt, and you won't end up with coriander stuck in your teeth. 

Did I mention Louisa is also a pixie*? That too. 

The second was Jen's post about the stuff I sent her for our most recent sweetie swap. I'm all kinds of jealous about Jen's fabulous life across the pond in Canada, which includes superhero conventions, plenty of cat cuddles, and drool-worthy freshly baked treats. I really wish that Jen and I were neighbours, so we could pop round to each others' houses for a cup of tea, plenty of cookies and a natter about our current favourite TV shows. Plus, she has excellent hair. Again, if you're not following Jen, I really think that you should - everyone needs a bit more Sparkle(Girl) in their life! 

Also, Jen is literally cuter than A BUNNY MADE OF MARSHMALLOWS!!

2. Summer Dressing Gown weather
Most people use a calendar or the clocks going forward to tell them when summer's on its way. I say fie on them**. The real way to tell when summer is coming is when I get to bundle away my winter dressing gown and get out my summer one. Today is that day. 

First outfit post with my new mirror.
Also probably the most glamorous one I'll ever post. 

I bought this dressing gown from a charity shop because it reminded me of some clothes I had when I was little. I also bought it because it looks like something you'd wear at a clown spa. 

3. Riveting reads
After work yesterday I headed out to the garden with all the essentials one needs to comfortably bask in the sun like a lizard. Magic suncream, a blanket, cushions, a book, sunglasses, and chocolate. Essentially, all of my favourite things in life. I was really looking forward to starting a new book I'd been lent by my friend Holly, who should be listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as Queen of Book Recommendations. She's better than Richard x Judy x Oprah. For reals. The book was "All These Things I’ve Done" by Gabrielle Zevin, and it's set in a future (2083, to be precise) where CHOCOLATE IS ILLEGAL. 

It's ok though, because our heroine is the daughter of a chocolate mafia king, so she can still get her mitts on the stuff. This book is seriously gripping (I read c250 pages in under three hours, because I just couldn't put it down), and surprising I haven't cried yet once. Not that the book is really sad (although it does involve some star-crossed lovers) but thinking about a world with no chocolate is heartbreaking

I might have to go and check our chocolate tin, just to reassure myself that it's all ok...

What's been making you smile recently? 

Katie xxx

* That's a lie. 
** I don't really. 


  1. Hehe I was very excited this weekend to realise that I need a new summer dressing gown- love your spotty one! I'm already a reader of Louisa's blog but have just follwed Jen's :) Xx

    1. Excellent :) Have fun dressing gown shopping! xxx

  2. Spotty!!!!! Love it!!!!!! And I agree with everything they both say-you're pretty darn cool!!! X

  3. Loving the spots! My mam had some material like that, that I use to love making patchwork with!

  4. Aww you're too sweet <3 That dressing gown is adorable! Love the spots! And that book would cause nightmares for me! Speaking of book recommendations and chocolate, I read Candyfreak a few years back and it was so interesting!

  5. Pleased to see you're pairing your flimsy dressing gown with winter tights. You never can count on the weather in this country and it's good to dress for all eventualities! xxx

  6. Oh my lord, that dressing gown is incredible! Although the thought of clown spas is a little bit terrifying, I can hear the conversations now: "Bonzo, you've got so much tension in your shoulders" "That's what happens after throwing 50 cream pies at wailing children, but hey, somebody's gotta do it"

    1. Haha you're right- that would be rather scary! I imagine they get pretty sore muscles from squeezing into minis with eighteen other clowns too :p xxx P.S. Thank you for following me- I'm off to read your blog :)

  7. Aww thanks for the blog shout out lovely lady! xx It's all true as well (I mean, what I wrote about your little slice of the web, not about meself - although it would be pretty cool to be a pixie) :-) I'm just going to hop over to Jen's blog for a nosy as well.
    The dressing gown is also pretty darn cool, if a clown spa doesn't exist yet, it definitely should (potential business idea maybe?). Ooh and Gabrielle Zevin, have you read her book, 'Elsewhere'? It's one of my favourite reads, such a beautiful story of what might happen to us after we die (and if it isn't true, it really should be!) :-) xxx

    1. I haven't read elsewhere, but I saw on her website that it's her most popular novel so it must be excellent; I'll definitely check it out! xxx