27 May 2014

A welcome pop of colour

As promised in Sunday's post, here's the full reveal of my latest crafty project. As with many of my projects, it's a wonky DIY inspired by something I saw on t'internet. In this case, one of Shannon's incredible wreaths I found earlier this year. I fell in love with dozens of Shannon's designs, but it was always going to be her Pop Art wreath that got my creative juices flowing. My love for Lichtenstein knows no bounds, and I've previously echoed his iconic paintings on a teapot, a biscuit tin, and my jewellery box.

Whilst in Hobbycraft at the weekend I found a large, polystyrene wreath base just begging to be made over. One half-price packet of craft foam (and a 15% discount code) later, and I had everything I needed to give it a go. 24 hours later, I'd gone from this:

To this:

I've since added a length of ribbon to the back, and hung it up by our front door.

My version's definitely nowhere near as awesome as the original, but I'm still glad that I had a go at making it myself. My DIYs don't stem from being a cheapskate, or from not wanting to support independent retailers/makers, but because I get infinitely more satisfaction from figuring out how to make my own version of something I've admired online rather than clicking "add to basket" and waiting for a parcel to arrive. 

I spent the rest of the long weekend giving our porch a facelift with some leftover white paint (it's been a grubby mustard yellow since we moved in 3.5 years ago) and I think this wreath will be a much cheerier greeting than a welcome mat. It also warns any visitors about the colour explosion waiting to envelope them in our home. It's like being cuddled by a rainbow, I tell ya. 

Katie xxx


  1. That is awesome Katie! x

  2. That is just brilliantly super!!! I want one too!!!! You do commissions us? X

  3. You did a fantastic job! I love it!

  4. Ummm.... LOVING this!

  5. This is soooo amazing! Who doesn't need a foam pop art wreath???

  6. I reckon that's pretty much as awesome as the original (in fact, it's more awesome beacuse it's made by your own fair hands!). Angela (from Little Apple Tree) made quite a cool spring-themed wreath a few months ago as well - I love the idea of it, just never have the time to make one (plus my local Hobbycraft is the far side of Bristol, about a 40 minute drive) - that doesn't help! :-) xxx