3 November 2013

Console table DIY

.... for lazy people. It doesn't even involve tools*!

I've been debating for months on whether to put a console table in our hall. We've got the space, but I was still worried it would make the hallway feel cramped if I chose the wrong table. I also didn't want to something which would end up covered in Tom's unopened post; but I probably shouldn't ask for miracles...

We needed something reasonably shallow, so it wouldn't get in the way of the front door, and initially considered buying a table with nice legs (I am SUCH a leg girl when it comes to furniture) and cutting it in half like this:

Look at those legs! Swit-swoo

However, I was unsure whether screwing a table to the wall was the best choice, because it meant that in six months' time when I was bored of it (I'm very fickle like that) and wanted to take it down there would be a load of holes to fill in. Booooring.

Then I spotted this awesome tray in Ideal Home magazine and all previous plans were abandoned. 

I bought the tray, then hopped straight over to ebay to track down two more of the vintage apple crates we've used in the living room. After stacking them up like building blocks, we now have a hall table with bonus shoe storage:

It may sound daft but moving the fruit bowl from the kitchen and freeing up more counter space is one of the biggest benefits to come from doing this. I've replaced our old fruit basket with one of my fancy-pants jars (without the lid) until I can find a proper fruit bowl.

The tray means Tom now has somewhere to chuck all the stuff boys carry around in their pockets when he gets home from work. It's also free-standing, so the wall remains hole-free, and all of the components can be used for storage elsewhere when I get bored of it. The best part of all? To date, it's remained clear of unopened-post!

Katie xxx

*Ok, ok. "DIY" might be a bit of an exaggeration, seeing as all you'd need to do to replicate this is buy some crates....


  1. Oh I love a good vintage crate - great idea! X

  2. Cool!!!! We could have saved £60 in IKEA on the shoe rack bench if we've have done this!!! I had a fruit crate bookcase in Indonesia!x

  3. That's so cool! Such a great space saver too, I'm gonna go find me some crates!
    Carrie xxx


  4. Replies
    1. Teehee :) Thanks Kezzie- that's my first ever request for more of my writing! I'll see what I can do :) xxx

  5. I really love this! The vintage apple crates are such a great idea!