1 November 2013

Beautiful Bars

I like chocolate*. Quite a lot. You may have noticedI also like beautiful packaging. 

So when I saw these beauties glowing like edible jewels** in Tesco's confectionery aisle, combining two of my favourite things, I had to sweep a few into my basket. Purely for aesthetic reasons, as I'm sure you'll understand. Also, they're currently on offer for two-for-£2. 

Aren't they lovely? I opted for the four bars which caught my eye first, and can confirm they are also delicious. My dedication to chocolate sampling for journalistic reasons knows no bounds. You're welcome. 

The main reason I like the packaging is because it reminds me of the covers of the beautiful Penguin Clothbound Classics

Which I would love to own, by the way, if any of you are feeling generous and happen to have a spare £426.20 sitting around (don't worry- they do free shipping!)

Katie xxx

* This is like saying that lions like gazelle. Except I don't have to chase down my chocolate across a dusty savannah. Shame, really. It would probably burn off a few Twixes.

**Sorry; I think I having a bit of a Nigella moment. 


  1. I can agree these are yummy and I love the geometric packaging designs too. I just tried the maple and walnut flavour which is very addictive! Sophie x

  2. Ooh I didn't get that one! Must remember to get it next time :) xxx

  3. Oh those book covers and chocolate packages are beautiful!!