7 November 2013


Hello lovelies!

Back by popular request*, here's some more of me wittering on about things. 

There have been two big changes around here in the last week.

The first is that thanks to the MEGA STORM which hit last weekend, our garden fence is now decking. 

Aw shucks.
Sod's Law that it would be the side we're responsible for maintaining. Although, to be fair, the fence was basically only held up by a tiny wall and a dozen snail trails. Its days were numbered. Nonetheless, part of me thinks it was actually Karma that knocked our fence down after I was so scathing about all the severe weather warnings. "What is all this nonsense? Everyone's acting like it's going to be like Twister all over again!". 

Sadly, whilst it was a bit like Twister, there was no sign of Cary Elwes. Admittedly, I would only be interested in the Cary Elwes of 26 years ago**, so it would've had to be a time travelling twister too. 

** You know what I've just realised? This film is older than me.
Which means Westley is probably now a little bit too old for me. Sad face.

It was also not like Twister because I am guessing Twister's budget was less than it's apparently going to cost to fix our fence. I think it would be cheaper to move. Or build a special force field dome over the garden a la Stephen King (/The Simpsons Movie).

Speaking of The Simpsons Movie, that totally reminds me. Last night Tom and I were watching Striking Distance last night (FYI- don't bother) and it suddenly dawned on me how much Bruce Willis looks like Homer Simpson. Or vice versa. Whatever. Turns out I'm not the only one who thinks so. My point is, am I now supposed to become less attracted to Bruce Willis or more attracted to Homer Simpson?!

Anyway... the second change around here is that someone stole half of Tom's face. Thankfully only the hairy part of it. To show support for Movember, Tom shaved his beard off (with my assistance) on 31 October. It's the first time I have EVER seen his chin (which proves how completely un-shallow I am; I've been in love with this boy for over FIVE YEARS, and I had no idea what his chin looked like. I'm basically Mother Teresa***)

From Hagrid to Super Mario in one fell swoop. 

So. What's new with you? 

Katie xxx

*Seriously, someone requested this :)

*** Note to self: check whether Mother Teresa is famous because she fell in love with a lot of bearded men. 


  1. he has a nice chin! My husband has a distinctly rounded chin with not much definition (his words so he wont mind me sharing) and he is also doing movember and has gone from bearded to tached. I am not sure how I feel about it.
    Is Tom planning on some fancy schmancy design? Sam has bought a tache comb and wax to tame it into some kind of twirly thing by the end of the month.

    1. I've tried to persuade him to wax it but he won't! Honestly; what's the point in a moustache if you're not going to style it all fancy?! xxx

  2. Oh your posts make me giggle so much Katie! x

  3. LOL love this great update! Ill be honest, usually i'm unimpressed when people do such as Tom has, but it actually really suits him! xx

    1. I'll let him know :) I think he's a little unsure what to do- but it must be quite a shock to be able to see your own face after seven years' absence :p xx

  4. Wow, that is a LOT of hair gone!!! Tom has/had impressive facial hair!!!
    Oh dear re the fence. I think someone said a bit of our fence has gone though I haven't got around to looking to see if this is true or not (eeke, lazy!) and thank you for the post!! Am pleased that I have powers or persuasion!!!

    1. You're very welcome; just be careful you don't start abuse your new-found power like some sort of Super Villain. Although feel free to start wearing a cape and cackling evilly if you want to...

      I kind of wish we'd weighed the beard he lost. I reckon it weighed the same as a kitten.

      Hope your fence is easily fixable :) xxx

  5. Great 'tache definitely needs some twirly design for the end of the month :-)

  6. Those are some wise contingencies. Looking mighty sleek as well. Bottom line: always get expert resource, either professional opinion or equipment.

    Christian @ Altitude

  7. That's crazy you had never seen Tom's chin! His mustache is fabulous though! And I never realized the similarities between Bruce Willis and Homer Simpson... I don't know how I feel about this... And sorry about your fence!