9 August 2013

The best pun of my life

Hello lovelies!

Sorry for the recent silence. This week has been like the end of a jumble sale; a few good things, but mostly a pile of crap. I tell you what, though- I'm very grateful no-one has invented deep-fried cheesecake yet; because if they sold that in Tesco I'd've bought 8 this week, eaten them all, and then passed out face down in a puddle of grease. Small mercies. I'm also grateful that I took today off work, to relax at home and potter about. 

First off, I framed and (Tom) hung my latest piece of artwork. I was SERIOUSLY excited to discover this teatowel in the Debenhams sale for £4 (which is now £5... weird), because I've been hankering after the "Bearded Lady Circus" print by Anki Josefsson and Anneli Sandström for years. The print is much more expensive (it's £35 on this website!), so I had absolutely no problem with framing the teatowel version instead. I'm also no stranger to framing teatowels; we've got this one on our landing, and there's even one in our bathroom.

It fits in perfectly with the other quirky artwork on our gallery wall. We've hung it right by the front door; because it's only fair to warn people as soon as they arrive. 

The rest of today has been spent painting things; this candlestick, a picture frame, two plastic giraffes... Standard. The first giraffe project was inspired by some amazeballs jewellery holders I saw on Brit + Co made of painted plastic dinosaurs. I forgot to take any "before" photos of this guy, but he basically looked like a regular giraffe. Just smaller, and made of plastic. 

He's going to be my new hairband holder. Because I totally needed one of those.

Now all that's out of the way, let's get onto the real reason you're here. I promised you a pun, didn't I?! Let's set the scene a little first... *everything goes all wobbly, like a TV flashback*

A few months ago, I found a box frame in the bargain bin of a local charity shop. I immediately snatched it up with glee, whilst politely lying though my teeth agreeing with the woman behind the counter that, yes, the scene inside the frame was just precious

Delightful, wasn't it? I particularly liked the wonky-faced wolf checking itself out in a dressing table mirror. Ahem. It was good fun pulling it apart, although I accidentally broke the figurine into pieces whilst removing it from the frame. 

Oops! Sorry, squinty wolfling.

I wasn't sure what I wanted to replace Wonky Wolf with, but expected it would probably involve more of the plastic animals I picked up at a recent car boot sale. Then, thiis morning, whilst gazing at my other plastic giraffe, my brain kicked into word overdrive (probably because I've recently started playing online Scrabble with my MIL, which has been one of the highlights of my week- even though she's beating me by miles!) and came up with the best word I've ever invented*. Are you ready?! 


Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No - it's a giraffe who is also a NINJA.


Initially, I tried covering the giraffe in black fabric, but I decided she looked more like a really filthy Egyptian giraffe mummy. 

So I unwrapped her and painted her black instead. I painted the inside of the box frame black too, so she could blend in. LIKE A NINJA. Just in case people thought she was a giraffe in a wetsuit, I decided to make a little sign out of some letter beads. 

The best part is that you can't really see her- at first the box looks empty, until you notice her ninja eyes. Just. Like. A. Real. Ninja. 

This may well be my favourite craft project of all time. What do you think?

Katie xxx

*Can't actually think of any other words I've invented. But ninjaraffe would've blown them all out of the water anyway.


  1. Your tea towel is brilliant and the giraffes are inspired! Sorry to hear your week was pants. I hope you have a wonderful weekend to make up for it! xxx

    1. thank you :) I hope you have a wonderful weekend too xxx

  2. Ninjaraffe is fab - certainly made me smile! xx

  3. Bloody genius.

  4. LOL, I have not stumbled on an internet gem in some time.... but, I just HAD to read your whole page here while hunting Giraff puns online. I say, your creation is a brilliant inspiration to get up and do something other than wolfing down the Isan Chicken Salad I just made. I would certainly get a belly laugh on discovery of your nijarrafe lurking on a wall in your home. Thank you for sharing! Great photos!

    1. Thanks Marc! Glad to hear it made you laugh :) Good luck finding more giraffe puns!