10 August 2013

Smelly Drawers

After discovering the wonderful world of loose-leaf, fancy-pants tea whilst on holiday in Norfolk last year, I've been fascinated with finding different brands and flavours to tantalise my tastebuds. 

Most of the teas I've tried have been utterly delicious. I've previously mentioned my love for David's Teas, which are absolute genius and contain ingredients such as popcorn, dried apple, and SPRINKLES; not just unspecified "flavourings". However, I've found that some loose teas smell amazing but either taste like nothing or, as my friend Holly says, like dirty bath water. Mmmm..... 

Sadly, the Wild Cherry tea I bought in Norfolk suffers from exactly that problem. The smell is phenomenal, and just one whiff is like being hit in the face with a bakewell tart (I was about to add "in the best way", but I honestly can't think of any bad way to be hit by a bakewell tart...). Taste wise; nada. 

Like this, with some cherry-frangipane goodness

It seemed a waste to leave the tea sitting around un-drunk, so I decided to get my granny on and make it into an alternative version of lavender bags. If you fancy giving this a go too, all you'll need is tea, fabric and a sewing kit. Simples.

I chose some brilliant Dr Seuss fabric, one of last year's Christmas presents, because I bloomin' love Dr Seuss). I cut out some small-ish rectangles, folded in half, and stitched together on two sides before filling them with the tea.

I then folded and pinned the ends of the open side and stitched the bags closed. 

And there you have it- cute little bags that pack a punch; perfect for popping in your chest of drawers to make your undies/t-shirts/pyjamas smell like the Mr Kipling factory. Living. The. Dream. 

I wish you could send smells over the internet, but as we can't I would recommend re-reading this post whilst eating a bakewell tart. I mean, you do want the full sensory experience, don't you?

Katie xxx


  1. Brilliant idea. I love the fabric and the idea of Bakewell Tart bags rather than lavender as I hate the smell of lavender!

    1. Thanks Louise. It was pretty awesome choosing a t-shirt this morning from a drawer that smelt like a bakery! xx

  2. Oh I've had similar ideas to make drawer smelly sacks (haha what a name). This is a great idea for tea. I've had a few that I'm not super fond of the taste but the smell is amazing.