4 August 2013

Cheap and cheerful DIY accessories

Since spending all my money on my own weight in chocolate buttons, I've forced myself to be much thriftier with my craft projects. I've used old maps my Mum got for free to give our guest room a makeover, and updated an old cushion with fabric pens and scraps

Last week I ended up wearing an entirely black outfit to work, which I decided was missing something just before I left the house. As I'm totally down with the kids and trendy and whatnot, I decided it needed some neon jewellery. 

Unfortunately, my jewellery box yielded nothing in neon (unsurprisingly, really, as all my jewellery is made of Lego figures), so I decided to raid my ribbon stash* and find an alternative option. I ended up stitching together two strands of bright pink cord, which had previously been the handles of a cardboard shopping bag(!), with a clashing neon thread.

Post clear-out, our house is looking much tidier; but I felt like it needed a few more personal touches (made on the cheap, obviously). After witnessing the incredible things Thomas Poulsom can do with Lego, I decided to try my own Lego project. Sadly, it wasn't a grandfather clock - but I'm certainly going to build up to that once I've sourced 7,000 additional bricks. This is what I came up with instead:

Each piece is about 20cm and 6cm deep.
I would've made them bigger, but I ran out of bricks.

The letters are now in pride of place on our living room fireplace, and I'm grateful to know that if anyone knocks them off they'll be much easier to put back together than our other ornaments. 

What do you think? 

Katie xxx

* Which is actually kept in my bargainous button box- to confuse any thieves looking for my button collection. Mwhahaha.


  1. Ah your Lego creation is amazing!

    1. Thanks lovely :) And thank you for all your wonderful comments - it was nice waking up to so many email alerts thing morning! xx

  2. Amazing!!! Necklace looks uber trendy but my oh my those Lego letters are amazing!!!

  3. Love this idea!! Going to have to give it a go for the kids bedroom xx

    1. I have to say of all my crafts those Lego letters are one of my favourites, ever; and they were so simple to make! Everyone who comes round comments on them too :) xxx