20 January 2013

Blog of the Week Number 3

S'up homies,

Welcome to the third installment of my new post series- Blog of the Week. 

This week's BOTW is the lovely and very well dressed Amber from Forever Amber. Combining hilarious honesty, Rubin-related anecdotes and a truckload of beautiful polkadots I find myself constantly snort-laughing when catching up on Amber's latest exploits. And, boy, does that girl know how to dress

Picture courtesy of Amber's lovely other half Terry who takes all of her blog photos. 

Sometimes I think about introducing outfit-related posts to my blog, but then remember you lot probably don't care I spend 90% of my time in the same three dresses and a dinosaur jumper. Side note: I have just realised I never posted a photo of my DIY-d dinosaur jumper on here. This is it:

Anyways, back to Amber. She has no problem sharing her victories and her catastrophes, her love of shoes and her hatred of winter, and stories about how she became locked in the bathroom

I find Amber's writing style absolutely inspiring and, even though I started blogging well before discovering her blog, it has influenced me to pour my heart and soul into writing as amusingly as I possibly can. 

Amber: inspiring me nameless people to start wearing nice clothes and brushing their hair since 2006.  

So, if you fancy a giggle and more pictures of pretty dresses than your eyes can handle, please do pop over and say "hello" to Amber

Katie xxx 

P.s. If you missed either of my previous posts you should be able to see them here


  1. Am enamoured by her hair already.. off to check her out!

  2. Hi Katie,
    I'm not sure about Blog of the Week, but you've definitely MADE my week with this lovely post: thanks so much for featuring me, and for your kind words about my blog!

    Amber x

  3. How lovely! I really like the way you write these posts- you've obviously put thought into it and you really love the blogs! It always makes me want to read them (and invariably, I have ended up following them!!!)

  4. You keep introducing me to new blogs to read... I'm never going to be able to get away from the internet!

    Amber's style has blown me away. I'm addicted to her pictures and I only scrolled through the first page of her blog...