22 January 2013

Three Things Tuesday

Three things make me feel all warm-and-gooey on the inside, like a melt-in-the-middle chocolate pudding.

1. Tea

C'mon people; who doesn't love tea?! Apart from my friend Sam, but I'll let her off because she is lovely and has excellent hair. 

2. Cable-knit Cardigan Joy

Those of you who follow me on Twitter may have noticed me going into meltdown on Saturday after I had to spend longer than any human being should have to in the depths of Urban Outfitters (aka The Hippest Place Around). I bought some unbelievably kitsch homeware in their January sale but didn't like it when it arrived, which presented me with two options: 1. Post it back to them at my expense (which probably would've cost me a billion pounds thanks to the price of today's stamps), or take it to the shop and hope my hipster allergy didn't flair up. Which it totally did after noticing all the girls wearing their beanie hats perched right on the top of their hair- not even touching their heads. 

Seriously, Hipster Girls, why do you wear your hats like this?! You are NOT EVEN FEELING THE BENEFIT OF THE HAT!!

Because I had paid with PayPal, apparently "UO" could only give me store credit. I could have waited and returned another day to it but I was already in so deep I could feel myself itching to get a tattoo of Andy Warhol's banana, so I decided to tough it out, find something as fast as I could, and never return again

When my lovely MIL bought me the cosiest cable-knit jumper for Christmas I had hoped it would satiate my knitwear lust. Instead, it appears to have fuelled it, and I ended up spending my store credit, plus a little bit more, on this beautiful cardigan after spotting it amongst all the weird three-legged trousers and boobless t-shirts on the sale rail:

This cardigan is really, really heavy, which makes it unbelievably cosy and also the perfect excuse for spending the entire day on the sofa asking Tom to please bring me lots of hot drinks and snacks - "I can't move; my cardigan is weighing me down!"

3. Pimping up my gas fire

Regular readers will have spotted my blog has been flooded with fridge magnet tutorials recently, after I became inspired to create a magnetic scrabble board for our house. I was planning to buy second hand scrabble tiles and fix the magnets to the back myself, but because the entire crafting world has become obsessed with scrabble tiles even second hand ones on ebay are ridiculously expensive. So I ended up buying two packets of these instead

Until I find the perfect frame to create my scrabble board, I thought I would use them to disguise the hideous gas fire in our dining room. This may not be the most practical makeover I've ever done; with all this snowy weather I'll need to peel them all off again if I actually want to use the thing!!

Katie xxx


  1. Man, I was ROBBED when I bought those magnets in Lakeland!!!! I paid a whole £2 at least, more!!!
    Haaaa,haaa, I found a Scrabble set in a charity shop- ner ner ner ner ner!!!!!!!x

    1. I am VERY jealous of your charity shop find! I suppose I could've waited til a car boot in the summer- but patience is far from natural to me :p x

  2. Love the cardie, by the way! Yes, I get the shudders when I enter hip shops. Oh wait, strike that- I don't go in them because I think I might turn to stone!!! ;-)
    The tea-cosy is my fiance's and it was bought for him by my mum from here: (wolf weeing on a lamp post). Sorry, THAT was apparently the last thing I copied and pasted, thought I'd just copied the link from amazon. I thought I'd leave the mistake anyway, as I thought you'd appreciate it: here it is: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Ulster-Weavers-Owl-Shaped-Cosy/dp/B0037E9FPW/ref=sr_1_1?s=kitchen&ie=UTF8&qid=1358890181&sr=1-1

    1. BAHAHA why on earth were you writing about wolves weeing on lamp-posts?! Leaving it in was very much appreciated- and thank you for the link :) Bless that owl- it looks quite melancholy in the Amazon photo. Maybe I should buy him to cheer him up? x

  3. Laughed out loud at the hipster comments! Do they not realize how stupid and irritating they are just to look at? Perhaps they do but carry on on purpose =/
    Loving the cardigan, I would like one that weighs me down =) xx

  4. ahaha I love your hipster comments and it's so true about their beanies... it's supposed to keep your head and ears warm!

    Your cardigan looks so unbelievably comfy!! And I love the mug pictured with your tea!

  5. Tea and cardigans are awesome!! I am indifferent to pimped gas fires though :)

  6. The hat thing made me LOL. haha. I really don't get "fashion" anymore, it's so daft!