20 January 2013

Timelapse Video

Hello lovelies!

Happy weekend to you all :) 

If you read yesterday's post you may have spotted I promised to share something completely different with you today, and here it is! Tom and I were deliberating yesterday whether to go out playing in the snow or do some winter wonderland photography. We ended up combining the two after Tom worked out how to make a timelapse video on his camera. Hurrah! 

It's actually really nice to see some footage of the two of us (although perhaps too much of the two of us- Tom's bum refused to spend the whole video in hiding!) because normally one of us is behind the camera. 

I hope you like it! 

Katie xxx

P.S. Sorry - this was meant to be published yesterday but the elves of the internet were obviously in a mischievous mood. 


  1. I like this very much, particularly Tom's camera eyeballing towards the end while you were still working away.

    1. I had to keep working away because I fiddled with his mouth and wrecked it :p Was frantically trying to fix it before Tom came back out with the camera haha

  2. Brilliant snowman and a lovely idea to film it! x