16 June 2012

Malted Milks and Stargazy Pie

Hello all

I hope you're having a lovely weekend! 

First of all, as you may have noticed, I've given my blog a make-over! Please do let me know what you think :)

I'm pleased to say my crafting spree continues- and now that we've finally finished decorating our landing and hallway I'm very excited about hanging up lots of photographs (including some by my very talented boyfriend), embroidery, and artwork. 

I bought this little gem from Nikki McWilliams over at Folksy;

I spent yesterday evening scribbling away with my trusty colouring pencils to create my own version of this beautiful print. I absolutely love it, but not £75 worth of love.... 

I'm pretty pleased with how it's come out; and I think it looks rather cute in this second hand picture frame I've painted with cream emulsion. The frame doesn't have any glass in it, but I think that adds to the seaside-y look. 

I love the phrase "stargazy" - it sounds utterly magical; and it reminds me of a story from my childhood- The Mousehole Cat, by Antonia Barber, which mentions stargazy pie.

I've got my eye on a few other bits and pieces to make our home as zoo-like as possible (full of animals, ice-creams, and happy faces- I hope!) including this awesome Pink Elephant Lamp from Graham and Green

Although, obviously, I'll be attempting to make my own budget-friendly versions. I have a feeling some of my future blog posts may feature papier-mache and whittling...

Have you got any pieces of artwork you are particularly proud to display? I would love to see them!


  1. I like the green polka dots.

  2. 1. I am in love with the owl stool.
    2. I am in awe of the elephant lamp.
    3. I love the new blog design! I have a thang for polka dots :)

    1. They are beautiful, aren't they? But I just can't justify over £100 for a chair- even if it does look like an owl :)

      Thank you- I'm pretty happy with it; I feel like I need to make some retro crafts to go with it now :)


  3. Aaaah, I love your Starrygazzy pie pic!! I'd love one of these- so cool! Might try it myself! I love the Mousehole cat book! I have my copy signed by both Antonia Barber and Nicola what'shername because I sang in the animated film version of the book!x