23 June 2012

The Skulls and Ponies Make Something Swap - Part 2

I am very excited to announce I've now received my Skulls and Ponies craft swap presents from the lovely Louise over at Craftyguider- and they are absolutely B*E*A*U*TIFUL!! If you read my previous post, you'll know that I made Louise an "I love sewing" sampler- which she seemed very happy about (hurrah!). So, what did Louise make me? Are you ready?


Beautiful shabby-chic oven mitts, to combine my love of all things Cath Kidston and baking lots of sweet treats

The gloves are so incredibly well made I'm a little blown away. Seriously- they are better quality than things I have PAID FOR IN SHOPS. They've even got "Handmade for you" labels in :) Adorable, right?

And extra little tags I can use to hang them up in my kitchen- with union jacks on! Who doesn't love a bit of kitsch in the kitchen?

How lucky am I?! :) And they're going to go perfectly with the Batman apron Fran made me for my birthday last year; a perfect representation of how I attempt to balance my desire to be a 50's-style housewife with my secret alter ego..

Have you taken place in a swap before? I think I've caught the swapping bug and would love to take part in some more- please do send me your recommendations!


  1. Wowee, that is indeed beautifully made. Love the idea of combining this with a Batman apron. Kinda wish I had a superhero apron now too!

  2. I think everyone needs a superhero apron in their lives :)