14 June 2012

Getting my crafting mojo back

In addition to being AWOL from this blog for most of April and May, I also found myself experiencing a crafting drought. I just didn't feel at all inspired to pick up a needle, felt-tip, paintbrush, or tube of glitter glue- despite spending a lot of time looking at brilliant arty blogs such as Musings from the Pigeons Nest, Doll Doll Dolly, Matsutake and Color Mr Katie (that girl is just put-me-in-your-pocket ADORABLE). 

I honestly don't know what I spent all that time doing (although I expect the huge bum-dent in the sofa and the suspiciously empty chocolate tin speak for themselves), but after finally finishing my crafty gift for the Skulls and Ponies Craft Swap, I think that *whispers* my crafting mojo is well and truly back! Hurrah! 

I spent the whole weekend leaping from one project to the next like an over-enthusiastic frog. Here are some of the things I made;

A teeny-tiny embroidered picture - inspired by the brilliant 365 Lucky Days project

Painted second hand picture frames to make a collage of art up our stairs.

A rather psychedelic cushion for one of our dining chairs (upcycled from a garden seat pad), complete with lovely ribbon bows...

Technically I didn't make this, but I put it together myself using tools and everything(!) And I painted the wall that lovely snot green colour. 

What have you made recently? Please do share- I would love to see!


  1. You really have been busy! I love the funky cushion pad and the coatstand is gorgeous.I've a load of projects waiting to be finished at the minute.

  2. Than you :) I love your blog- your craft makes are so lovely! And your boys sound really brilliant- any boy who owns a Batman car (that he haggled for no less) is very cool in my book :) x