4 February 2016

Three Things Thursday

Hello lovelies!!

How are you? 

Well, will you look at that? I done gone and got my sparkle back! Hip Hip Hooray!!
To celebrate me escaping the doldrums, here are three things currently forming the icing on my Life Cake. Which is kinda like Birthday Cake, but you can eat it every day of the year. Mmmm.... Life Cake. 

1. Spontaneous Dance Parties
After stumbling upon this little ditty on the way to visit my folks, I practically ran up their front steps, burst threw the front door, and simultaneously cranked up my phone speakers whilst yelling "LIVING ROOM DANCE PARTY IS GO!!" Naturally, my parents joined in with gusto. Well, I had to get my quirk from somewhere...

Do it. You know you want to.

2. Good ol' home cookin'
I've been making a conscious effort of late to do more cooking from scratch. Partly to up my veg intake, as I was wobbling on the brink of scurvy, but mostly due to some serious inspiration in the Thug Kitchen cookbook I got for Christmas. Easy, healthy Mexican recipes peppered with excessive swears, you say? SIGN ME UP, BITCHES. 

3. Cirque du Frock
I'd been lusting after Joules' Circus duvet cover for literally years before I met Skye and found out she actually owned one (which pretty much sealed the deal for our friendship, obviously). So, when Skye recently mentioned she was throwing it out due to a bedroom makeover, I yelled "CAN I HAVE IT PLEASE?!?!" right in her face asked her very politely if she'd consider donating it someone with a penchant for duvet cover dresses....

A few snips later and there it was - my very own CIRCUS DRESS!! 

I love it so much I'm considering taking it to dinner on Valentine's Day. Not wearing. TAKING. 

The duvet now sadly seems to be discontinued at Joules, but I've found some on sale here if you feel like you need more unicycling bears in your life. And, let's be honest, who doesn't?!

What's been floating your boat recently? 

Katie xxx


  1. Ha,ha ha!!! I LOVE it! How cool is that! I was thinking you might possibly want to make the dino duvet cover into dresses or any household object hence why I sent it alhthough dinofacts, not as cool as cycling bears!!! That is so cool! WHYYYYYYYY did she chuck it out!!?!?!?!?!?!?!?x

    1. I know! I couldn't believe she was either, but am obviously very happy she did - and I have loads of fabric left over! I actually have made something with the dino one, which I need to share on here ASAP too :) xxx

  2. Oh. My. Christ. That's brilliant. That is a dress that should be wined and dined. You so clever! Also, Thug Kitchen cookbook??? I need that. I have Cooking With Coolio...yep, Cooking With Coolio.
    Welcome back sparkles. You're aces
    M xxx

  3. THAT IS GENIUS! I bet your friend is having chucker's remorse now. I know I would be (even though I can't sew much more than a cubs badge wonkily onto a uniform)