17 June 2015

The Enchanted Sloth & Other Stories

So, now you've all breathed a sigh of relief about the lack of piratical/outer-space-related activities in my life recently, I can get on with, err... spending at least 5 minutes wondering how one goes about becoming a SPACE PIRATE...

Sorry. Where was I? Oh yes - showing you what I've been doing recently. Here goes...

1. Feeling enchanted
I have to admit, my go-to criteria for choosing a new bottle of soap doesn't normally involve assessing it's level of enchantment (it's usually discount and/or smell, depending on my current ratio of thrifty vs. how desperately I want my hands to smell like coconut*). Then I saw this one and all previous thoughts vanished faster than one can say "Enchanté, Mademoiselle Clean-Hands". Which is what I'm forcing everyone to call me from now on.

2. Being lustful in Liberty 
Mostly in the fancy-pants homewares department. I photographed what seemed like hundreds of products I intend to purchase plagiarise the very minute I have my own place/access to my craft stuff again. These were a few of my favourites:

Awesome ceramic chopping board/tray that resembles an artist's palette

Gorgeous fonts, stars and deer? Can't imagine why this set caught my eye...

Looks like the Animals of Liberty Wood met a rather unfortunate ending too

Sneaky fancy-sofa selfie

3. Discovering
The coolest stone on the whole of Brighton beach. I'm sure you'll agree the resemblance is uncanny:

4.  Admiring Irony

Yes, the box was empty...

5. Feeling 3,000 kinds of happy
..and beyond, actually; I reached 3,000 things on this year's Happy Things List last week. THREE THOUSAND - despite my lack of TV/internet access. Not too shabby, 2015(!); especially as my 2014 list only reached 2,302 for the whole year.

No. 3,000 was a pretty good one too

6. Smiling Rye-ly
Well, it was a proper grin really - but I couldn't pass up that pun! I received this gorgeous postcard after a friend's day trip to the seaside. Spontaneously gifted postcards are definitely a winner. 

Have you ever found a stone that resembles an 80's cult movie character? Or been utterly enchanted by some soap?

Katie xxx

*The answer is normally "medium". 


  1. Never been enchanted by soap although I photographed a cloud that resembled Jaws so I think I hit the 'cult 80's character quota'. Yay for letter, now makes me feel totally shabby for failing to post mine for so long!!! The decor!!!! I love the stag plates too-definitely my cup of tea too (or 'my plate of cake' seems a more appropriate metaphor!)
    So nice you are back! And I like the sound of 2999- halloumi, tofu-mmmm
    And yes, DO join in with TARDIS TUESDAY please so I don't look like Larry no mates! Knowledge of Doctor Who is not necessary just a willingness to wear brightblue and Google Doctor who characters costumes!x

    1. The halloumi tofu thing was a tagine from Mascara; an amazing Moroccan restaurant in Brighton. Maybe I can take you there sometime? :) xxx

  2. I can't cope with the paint palette and nor would my family. With the amount of paint around here and various receptacles used for mixing, it's just a paint eating accident waiting to happen.
    I love the liberty taxidermies and the mirror with things painted on. What a nice invention. It's like those old pub mirrors but classy.
    And you look very lovely in the picture. (Have you found a replacement for Perfect 10 now it's gone? Your hair looks fab!) xxx

    1. Haha - yes I can imagine that could cause some mishaps! Thanks for the compliment lovely; I'm using Garnier now in a shade called Vanilla something or other. It's not as bright, but I like it xxx

  3. That ceramic chopping board and those dishes are so lovely! I'd like them for myself.

    1. Turns out I'd pinned the chopping board months ago then forgotten about it. I definitely need it in my life! Although it would remind me of how may I washed my brush out in my cup of tea in high school art class :p xxx