20 February 2015

Cold Cheese and Jemaine Clement

Hello lovelies!

How are you?

Sorry it's been so long (again!) - my Life Outside The Internet (can one even imagine such a thing?!) has cheekily been getting in the way of blogging. Utterly outrageous, isn't it?

I've got SO much to tell you all, I don't know where to start. I guess "the beginning" seems like a reasonable approach, but seeing as my life's motto has always been "bollocks to reasonable" (well, that and "there's no such thing as too much cake") I might start in the middle and see how that goes. So, in no particular order, recently I've been:

1. Suffering from a cold.
And, subsequently, The Return Of The Cold. This meant spending the last few weeks producing vast quantities of tissues from every pocket I could, like The World’s Grossest Magician. I've finally returned to normal levels of grossness (3 on the Grossness Scale, in case you were wondering) thanks to a three-pronged attack of Vitamin C tablets, extra blankets, and the magical food combination below:

2. Discovering I like Fake Cheese
And feeling a little bit ashamed about it. Not that it stopped me from stuffing another forkful of the stuff into my face. I made this (life-changing) discovery during a recent dinner date at MEATliquor with a bunch of beautiful Brighton-based bloggers, after being invited along to try their new veggie/vegan menu options.

This is one of two trays. And there was only five of us.

I'm not going to lie; it was a bit of a greasy carb-fest. However, seeing as I'm not usually a Fast Food kinda gal, I actually rather enjoyed the novelty of consuming a meal without any recognisable vegetables. The Fake Cheese Experience (as it will heretofore be known) was thanks to the Hippie Fries (front and centre in the photo above); which are essentially served loaded with onion marmalade and cheese goo. Sounds disgusting, tastes delicious. Trust me.

3. Watching Jemaine Clement. A lot.
Not in a from-the-bushes-outside-his-house kind of way. I've got enough on my plate keeping up with my Joe Manganiello GPS Tracker. I've been re-watching Flight of the Conchords (which is ruddy excellent, by the way) as a precursor to (hopefully) seeing his new vampire mockumentary What We Do In The Shadows. It's being screened via a sort of Kickstarter-y thing (she says, being all Down With The Kids or whatever), based on ticket sales for local venues. I've bought tickets for the Brighton screening, so if you live near Brighton please, PLEASE buy one too, because:
1. It's going to be hilarious; and 
2. Even if you hate the film, you'll basically be on a cinema date with me, which I'm pretty sure we can all agree will be a priceless treasure of an experience.

4. Dressing up
In fancy/ridiculous clothing, and taking changing-room selfies. If you look reeeeally closely, you can see the self-depreciating judgement in my eyes for being such a blogger cliché. 

I didn't buy The Glitter Ball Dress (for shame), because the back was all weird and ridiculous. The front, of course, was sensible perfection. I did, however, buy this tuxedo jumpsuit thing to wear on a Valentine's date, and felt DAMN FANCY while doing so:

5. Eating brunch
Brunch is now officially my Favourite Meal Of The Day, and I can confirm that a brunch of pancakes eaten in bed pretty much tops the lot...

Sorry, dinner; you just don't cut it any more.

What have you been up to recently?  

Katie xxx


  1. Oof it all sounds like such fun! Especially the pretend cheese!

    And a valentines outfit?! Swit Swoo!

    1. Thanks Claire. I also wore my new favourite necklace, which is the exact opposite of understated. Just in case a tuxedo jumpsuit was too boring :p xxx

  2. Where HAVE you been??? Well, I know where (smiles conspiratiously) but I've missed you! I've also been walking round with a letter in my bag for you all week which I just made CBC post in order to stop him stealing the hot cross buns when I wasn't looking/holding them firmly in my shopping bag!
    HOW nice does the greasy caarb overload look???? Answer: very! And the pancakes aren't too shabby either!
    I liked your shopping until I spotted the M word on the ready meal. Soft and tender: I think not: slimy and wretch-inducing yes. Seriously, we can't be friends now.

    Oh and ha, loved the self deprecating look in the mirror the outfits aren't too shabby either. But you know, we aren't talking now because of the M word!x

    1. Sorry Kezzie! Have got lots more stuff to tell you in my next letter which should hopefully explain my absence :) that and on-goinh lack of internet access. Please thank CBC for his postal assistance (then chastise him for the HCB-thievery, of course).

      I'll write back regardless in case you find it in your heart to forgive me, and promise not to mention the M word ever again :) you do mean Marriage, right? Haha xxx

  3. Helloooo jumpsuit!
    Was the date with Jermaine???? Can you imagine? Be still my beating racist dragon heart.
    Glad you're knocking the cold on the head with liqorice tea, inspired choice.
    And I did meatliqor once and smelt like burgers for a week. Not my favourite.
    Welcome back X

    1. Oh my- I actually CAN'T imagine. That would be like winning the lottery of love. And dessert would surely involve rainbow jelly beans?

  4. Brunch in bed with two plates is what I'm wondering.... ?!!! Hope you've been keeping well :)

    1. Ha! Nothing gets past you, Super Sleuth. I was expecting people to assume I'd eaten both helpings- y'all know how much I love pancakes! Xxx

  5. Pancakes and junk food - I'm officially hungry now! Love that jumpsuit!!

    1. Thanks lovely! Sorry to have made you hungry - perhaps I should start every post with a warning to gather some healthy snacks! xxx

  6. There's no sign of that huge meal on your body in that jumpsuit! You look gawjuss! I hope your valentine fell suitably head over heels in love with you. Although he missed a treat with the sequin number and socks.
    Life getting in the way of blogging is a great thing! :) xxx

  7. Brunch! It looks delicious and it's definitely a wonderful meal! That glittery dress is so cute. Too bad about the back.

  8. Liking the outfits a lot, particularly the jumpsuit, you look tres bon! As for pancakes in bed, brunch and innocent smoothies - YES! To be fair though, you had me at cheese goo. Need to go to meatliquor. Glad your feeling better :) X

  9. Ooh, very excited to hear meatliquor now have vegan options, I've wanted to take Thomas the last few times we visited London but up till now they've had nothing suitable for him.

  10. I absolutely LOVE that silvery dress, I want (but when I am not with bump)