7 August 2014

Three Things Thursday

Hey m'dears :) 

How are you? Fabulous as always, I hope! 

Here's a trio of little things which have put an extra spring in my step this week. Obviously, thanks to my new job, I would've been as springy as a spaniel regardless; but these have been the rainbow sprinkles to my ice-cream sundae week.

1. Good hair days
I had my hair cut two weeks ago for the first time since *cough* January *cough* 2012. I was shocked when the hairdresser commended me on how healthy it was, since I neglect it so badly it should probably be taken in by some kind of shelter, but it still feels much better after a bit of a trim. Who knew that cutting your hair makes it better?! 

2. A whole bunch of loveliness
Tom bought me these flowers on the day of my interview as a present for doing so much preparation. I think he might be a keeper. 

3. Reading in the garden
Accompanied by all of the essentials; blankets, cushions, sunglasses, and a faux Magnum*. 

I sort-of made the floral eiderdown thing. It's a single duvet cover I bought for a snip in the H&M sale because I thought it was pretty, and subsequently realised I had a length of wadding lying around that would fit in it perfectly; so I sewed them together. Thinking about it, "sort-of made" might be over-selling the amount of work involved. 

What's been floating your boat recently? 

Katie xxx

* Faux Magnum not pictured. I might have eaten it already. 


  1. The hair's looking great Katie! Is that Perfect 10 no.10? You need a few more Magnums though as you're looking very slinky! xxx

    1. It is!! Are you secretly some kind of hair dye wizard?! You should go on Mastermind. It's totally the dress; it's made of such a strong yet stretchy fabric it's basically like wearing all-over spanx :p Although I will of course take your advice about the second Magnum. xxx

    2. I think I may have been some kind of colourologist in a previous life. And also, that's my colour too at the moment! ;)

  2. I agree, you look super slinky! Nice wiggle dress! On the subject of second Magnums, I totally had 2 ice-creams today (as well as most of a bag of Chocolate orange segments) in the Lake district! I hope you approve x

    1. I definitely approve. Mmm... chocolate orange. Good work! xxx

  3. Oooh very snazzy barnet!
    And how have I never ever taken eiderdowns (AMAZING word) and cushions into the garden to read??? I haven't lived. I am however an afficionado of the faux ice-creams - Lidl's faux Magnums are pretty good. Don't ever ever touch a faux Feast. Not even with someone elses' hand.
    Michelle's top tip Friday, you're welcome.
    M x

    1. Thanks Michelle- I've written it down it my book of Top Tips for Ice-Cream. Aldi does a mean faux Magnum too (they have boxes of 16 mini ones in four flavours that are basically bite-sized. So one could eat a whole box in 16 bites...)
      You definitely need to get on the eiderdown and cushion combo in the garden. xxx

  4. Congratulations on the new job! Thats great :)
    Your hair looks fab too!

    Lyndsay | Fizzy Peaches

  5. Love your hair and that dress! You look so lovely!

    Ah, reading in the garden sounds like a fantastic thing to do.

    1. Thanks hun :) Reading in the garden is my favourite- there are about 10 days a year here where it's actually warm enough, so I make sure to make the most of them :p xxx

  6. Ooh looking very pretty lady! Lovely eiderdown as well, I've taken blankets into the garden but (if we ever get another sunny day) I'll have to try taking more than just one blanket - cushions and biscuits and all methinks! :-) xxx