11 August 2014

A Blog Hop

Hello lovelies!

How are you?

This post is something a wee bit different, because I've been invited to take part in a blog hop by the fabulous Zoe from Floral and Feather (alongside Louisa from Duck in a Dress; one of the kindest ladies on t'interwebs). The idea of the hop is very simple - first answer the four questions, and then pick two lovely bloggers to carry on the hop. You can find out who I've picked at the end of this post, and I would highly recommend giving them a visit if you're not already regular readers- along with Zoe and Louisa too, of course!

Why do I write?

I had a spell cast on me by an evil fairy during the Kingdom-wide celebration of my birth, who cursed me to either publish weekly ramblings on the internet, or fall asleep for a million years in a castle surrounded by thorns.

OK, OK - I might have stolen that from Sleeping Beauty. But I do love an early night, and our garden is a bit of a jungle; so it's really not that different. 

Also, I find writing helps me to organise my thoughts; which would otherwise continue to tumble over one another in my head like a litter of boisterous, rainbow-coloured puppies. Whether it's a personal diary to unscramble my musings on life, creating multiple To Do lists at work (with the added satisfaction of crossing things off!), or sharing tales of my mishaps and craft projects online, putting pen to paper/ fingers to keys frees up my brain for other, more important tasks; like deciding what to eat for elevenses. 

It's a good excuse to buy notebooks too!

What am I working on?

My never-ending list of DIY projects, crafty ideas and home improvements. When I think about how much we still have to finish in our house it seems positively ludicrous. We've already painted every room - how on earth can there be so many things left to do?! I've spent the last few days painting the stairs - first just the "even" stairs, then the "odd" ones - making sure we could still get upstairs by taking them two at a time. It's forcing us to do some pretty impressive gymnastics/lunges at the bend- I'm expecting to have thighs like Linford Christie by the time the paint has dried. 

My patented "only walk on the steps with washi tape" technique to keep
Tom off the wet steps. His white toes will attest to its moderate success. 

I don't have any particular plans for my blog; although I would like to improve the overall quality of my photos. It seems a bit daft that I spend so long getting the perfect shot whenever we go on adventures, while my craft project photos are badly-lit, poorly-staged quick snaps on our dining table. 

How does it differ from others of its genre?

Well, for a start my blog contains more photos of Joe Manganiello than the rest of the internet, combined. I've probably got more photos of Joe than his own grandmother.

Like all lifestyle blogs, I suppose the thing that makes this one different is me. I try to make sure my blog is a fairly cheery space, filled with the things I love, and something people can read when they fancy a giggle. It's certainly not lacking in colour, either. 

How does my writing process work?

It's probably fairly obvious that I find it very difficult to write to a schedule, given that my new posts tend to arrive rather sporadically. Much as I would love to have a blog planner crammed with carefully colour-coded ideas for future posts, I normally just have to wait for inspiration to strike. I suppose one of the main problems with writing about my lifestyle is that, for the majority of my week, every day is pretty much the same - and there are only so many photos of cups of coffee I can bore you with!

I'm passing on the blog hop baton to:

The lovely Lauren from Belle Du Brighton, who writes about everything from baking to bath products, and whose blog is brimming with photos and updates about her cute-as-a-button baby getting up to all kinds of mischief; and

The uber-talented Claire from Claireabelle Makes, who has turned her craft and lifestyle blog into a tour de force of Cambridge-loving, bicycle-riding, cat-cuddling deliciousness. Claire also runs a rather sweet Etsy shop of her handmade goodies. 

Lauren and Claire's blog hop posts will be up next Monday, and if that won't beat the Monday Blues I don't know what will!

Katie xxx


  1. Ah you utter gem - looking forwarding to publishing my post next week!

  2. Hehe I love your stair painting technique. Smart! I'm with you on the 'why I write'. I feel like my brain could explode some days with so many to-do lists, craft ideas, inspiration, and sweet treats ideas. Writing organizes and collects those thoughts.


  3. Love your answers! Also wish my head was filled with rainbow coloured puppies (and deciding what to eat for elevenses is a very important decision!).

  4. Yay! I like your reason for blogging :) I think writing to a schedule either works brilliantly or would super stress me out, i'm not highly organised at things that I don't HAVE to be... I like your sporadic random posts! I will get writing my post asap!

  5. More coffee. More Joe Manganiello. Is it ok that I still don't know who he is??? Although I've just looked back and ooh, come to mamma. I apologise, I've never said those words before in my life. Ever.
    M x

  6. Ahh you're too kind! {embarrassed smiley needed}
    I agree with you on question number 3 as well - what makes all good blogs unique is that it's all about the interests of the blogger behind it. I'd say some of the many reasons I love yours is colour, comedy, craft and cake - and that combination certainly can't be bad! :-) xxx