6 July 2014

Recently I've been...

Pyjamas, 24/7. Due to being all poorly and sofa-bound, I haven't been bothering to get dressed (don't worry- I've still been showering). When I left the house yesterday to go to the supermarket it actually felt weird to be wearing shoes. 

Angeli - The Pirate, the Angel & the Irishman by Amy Vansant. Amy kindly sent me a copy to review, and it was exactly the sort of story I needed to distract me from my aches and pains. Fast-paced, funny and engaging, with a totally kick-ass heroine and a few sexy scenes. Ooh, and to make it especially awesome - I helped design part of the cover

Image pinched from Amy

Too many carbs. Feeling constantly nauseous meant I spent almost a week eating nothing but plain jacket potatoes, pasta, and porridge because they were the blandest food I could find. By day 5 I was able to stomach small quantities of some fruits and vegetables, but the combination of carb overload and lying down all day has definitely caught up with me. So much for making my bum vanish!

Excellent puns in the Mod Cloth sale, and the name of this perfume brand from Anthropologie:

Apparently it smells like rose gardens, high teas, and happy accidents

Unbelievably grateful and so, so lucky to have Tom in my life. He's been amazing at looking after me, like a bearded Florence Nightingale, alongside keeping the house in order, picking up my prescriptions and cooking me the world's blandest food (on purpose!). 

Peanut butter cookies. Once my appetite returned I was far too excited about being able to eat sweet things again. I haven't made these before and they ended up looking slightly different to how they should look...

They taste ruddy delicious though; like caramel-covered Crunchy Nut Cornflakes. 

Everything on Netflix. I raced through Season 2 of Orange is the New Black, and have now started watching Damages; a legal drama starring Glenn Close and Ted Danson, where everyone is basically a liar. I also watched two really funny movies; Killers, in which Catherine O'Hara totally steals the show as the alcoholic mother, and Running Scared, which confirmed my suspicions that Billy Crystal is the king of comic timing. I would heartily recommend all of the above.

On a helluva lot of blog posts. Yet my unread Bloglovin feed is still at almost 300! 


A few things for the kitchen, including jazzing up our resident whiteboard (which we use to record the contents of the freezer) by covering the edges in washi tape:

Close-up of the gorgeous woodland washi tape

I'm going to share the second project later this week.


Pretty kitchen inspiration. Even though I'm hoping to one day replace our galley kitchen with a gorgeous country-style extension, I've decided to give our current kitchen a facelift. I'm pathetically excited about choosing a colour scheme and shopping for replacement door handles!

How expensive it is to use a payphone nowadays. When I was in the Scouts we had to carry 10p in a handkerchief for an emergency phone call. 

Sixty freaking pence?!

I can only assume that BT eventually opted for a 60p charge because of the costs associated with enlarging coin slots until they can fit a human kidney. 


The house from top to bottom, in anticipation of playing catch- up at work this week. I know the last thing I'll want to do when I get home is vacuum, unless it's vacuuming up at glass of wine. 

I'm linking up to Hannah's weekly round-up, The Week That Was: Captured.

What have you been up to recently? 

Katie xxx


  1. Well, glad you've managed to do somethings despite the lurgy. The washi tape is v v pretty!!! X

  2. "I can only assume that BT eventually opted for a 60p charge because of the costs associated with enlarging coin slots until they can fit a human kidney." This is an excellent line, I suspect I shall be chuckling for days every time I spot a phone bax.
    Hope you're back up to 100% soon!
    Joy // The Harpy

  3. That seems like a lot of stuff for a lady that's not quite feeling 100% yet! Make sure you're still taking it a bit easy and eating lots of cake to keep your strength up :-) I love your freezer contents board as well, we (or rather I) always end up opening the freezer every time we write our food list, pulling out every door to see what we've got! :-) xxx

    1. Lots of cake, you say? Oh if I must :p

      I originally decided to write a list because we're trying to empty/defrost the freezer, but we keep buying new (reduced) things to put in there! It is very handy though xxx

  4. Happy accidents?!? Is that when you piss yourself laughing? Hmm, not what I'd want a perfume to smell like...
    Hope you're all better soon! xxx

    1. Rose gardens, high teas and happy accidents conjures up a delightfully posh lady in her eighties with mild incontinence. Sack that marketing team!

    2. Teehee - just as well I didn't purchase it then! No-one wants to smell like granny wee xxx

  5. Great post! That tape you used is such an adorable print. Also I have about 8000 unread posts - I obviously follow way too many people! :)

    1. Thanks lovely :) It's so hard to moderate the blogs I follow but I find too many unread posts a bit overwhelming! xxx

  6. I love the washi tape whiteboard frame! Such a good idea! And I'll send you my peanut butter cookie recipe!

    1. Please do! I'm going to pretend my baking failure was due to a dodgy recipe - I'm sure I'll do much better with yours :p xxx

  7. You've been busy busy busy for a sick head!
    And FYI BT do accept human kidneys as payment, you need to leave them on a sacrificial alter round the back of the phone box with a dead mans' toe and the tears of a virgin.
    Hope you're feeling better
    M x

    1. Good to know. I might get rid of my mobile and go old skool with all future phone calls; it sounds much more exciting! I'm much less of a sick head now thanks :p xxx

  8. Aww you guys are so cute with your white board messages! I hope you're feeling better? Those peanut butter cookies look amazing - I hope you ate them ALL!

    Thanks for linking up to #TWTWC xx

    1. Of course I did! For medicinal reasons, obviously :p The white board messages are a bit of a running joke- they've been on there since we moved in 4 years ago and we've decided the first one who wipes them off loves the other one less :p xxx