7 July 2014

My TLC: All The Scrubs

I'm sure I don't need to tell you why this will never become a beauty blog, but here's a reminder (just in case): 
1. I don't wear make-up. 
2. My "skincare routine" involves drinking lots of water, getting plenty of sleep, and slapping a bit of Nivea moisturiser on my face if I begin resembling a Marvel Supervillain (Snakeskin Girl). 

That said, I still like to feel comfortable with my appearance, and clear skin certainly helps me feel assured that people are talking directly to me, rather than addressing the Mega Spot on my chin. 

After testing out every low-to-mid-range "spot-fighting" product available during my teens, I found the answer to my skin's requirements is a good face scrub. So when Lush contacted me in May about their vegan skincare range, I jumped at the chance to try a something a little different on my skin

opted for the Herbalism cleanser*, for the following reasons:

1. It's designed for sensitive skin, and my skin often decides to become more sensitive than a soufflé.

2. My main bugbear about other scrubs I've used is the inclusion of artificial "beads" to cause abrasion. They often hide themselves in my eyebrows and don't emerge until mid-morning; when I'll suddenly find several bits of plastic decorating my face. The 11 ingredients in this are all natural, no plastic. 

3. The ingredients include rosemary - one of my favourite scents. I'm not going to lie; I was really hoping this product would make me smell like a Sunday Roast (i.e. amazing). Sadly, this turned out not to be the case.

Due to my uncertainty as to how the cleanser would act when exposed to water, and whether it would foam up/crumble/wash away in the shower before I could apply it, for my initial test I used a blueberry-sized lump. I was pleasantly surprised to run out of face before I ran out of product, and reduced the amount I scooped out for future uses; because it seemed easier than increasing the size of my face.

The smell isn't nearly as delectable as some of Lush's other products, but the texture is good and feels mildly abrasive - even without the addition of weird plastic beads. To be honest, it's still not quite scrubby enough for me; but perhaps that's just as well- given that I basically want a tub full of coconut-scented gravel.

I've been using my 100g tub (worth £6.40) every day for around six weeks and I've still got half of it left; which is pretty impressive given that most other scrubs I've used (which cost me c£4 each) tend to last about a month. 

I've also been really pleased with the results because, although my skin hasn't drastically improved overall, (prepare yourselves for too much information here, people) my usual PMT-accompanying breakout has been notably absent, twice. 

I'm certainly going to be investing in another tub when this one runs out. 

What products have you found work best for your skin? I'd love to hear. 

Katie xxx

*I was sent this product to review, but all opinions and (continuing) wishes for roast potato-scented face scrub are very much my own. 


  1. Have you ever tried using bicarbonate of soda as a scrub? It makes my face feel so clean it squeaks a bit!

    1. Ooh! I do love a squeaky face! I'll definitely check it out. xxx

  2. My Mum makes face scrubs. If I remember to ask her at some point, i'll try and get you some!
    Ha, I want to smell like a potato too!
    I also get the TMI breakout too! Usually 2 reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally prominent spots which people talk to!x

    1. Are your TMI spots at least symmetrical? One on each cheek, maybe? I find it oddly frustrating when I get a spot that's *almost* in the centre of my nose/chin/forehead. Perhaps I'm a little too OCD about my acne...

      What does your Mum use to make her face scrubs? xxx

    2. Oh no, they are always lopsided- my chin is the worst place!!!!x

  3. This scrub sounds great. Sadly, my face still thinks I'm a teenager - I am always spotty, and the spots don't go - they last for months and months and months and I just can't get rid of them. I have super oily skin too and suffer with rosacea which is a hideous condition, so I'm always willing to give new products a try, especially more natural ones. I don't like plastic beads either. Have you heard of the recent campaigh by the Marine Conservation Society to ban them? They're ended up in our oceans which is causing problems, or will do, for wildlife etc. Thanks for the review anyway. I'll definitely look into this when I'm near a lush (none of my surrounding towns have Lush, I have to head to cities for that!).

    1. I hadn't heard about the campaign but it's definitely another plus for the Lush scrub. Sorry to hear your skin is so bad; I find it strange how little recognition is given to the fact that adults often get just as spotty as teenagers. I hope this face scrub works! They've got plenty of other products for different skin types too- I hope you can find something that helps xxx