17 May 2014

Bags of Creativity

"Pretty" and "cheap" are two of my favourite characteristics (the other one's "tasty"), so any craft project that combines the two (or three!) is always a winner.

One of my favourite birthday presents this year was a beautiful pair of polkadot skinny cords from Joules from my Mother-in-law. The trousers are seriously stunning (the button even has a fox on it!), and the bag they arrived in was so beautiful it was like an extra present! I couldn't bring myself to recycle it (yes, Joules' postage bags are recyclable- green thumbs up!), so I added it to my Pretty Packaging Pile* until I thought of something crafty to do with it.

When my Mum gave me a huge embroidery hoop she'd found in a charity shop a few weeks ago, I had a sudden lightbulb moment. To be honest, I don't know why it took me so long to think what to do with the bag; Tom would testify that I frame everything round here that's flat enough to fit in a frame...

After finishing the embroidery hoop version, I had a rummage through my stash of empty picture frames and made a second, smaller one:

Now I just have to find an empty piece of wall to hang them on... I think that's going to be the hardest part of this project!

Katie xxx

* I genuinely have one of these. Don't you?


  1. They are so pretty! This is such a lovely idea, I have a fairly overflowing Pretty Packaging Box that my boyfriend is dying for me to get rid of (we share one room in a house!), but this seems like such a great way of using it up. Thanks for the tip! :)
    Carrie xx


    1. You're very welcome! Sounds like you'll have to get plenty of frames :) xxx

  2. modern art indeed, very creative :) x

  3. I have a ppb too but mine includes basically any sort of jiffy bag or plastic packing that has come from anything in the post so I don't ever have to actually buy a new one! X

  4. Oh what a great idea! I also have a hard time getting rid of pretty packaging. I'm a sucker for tissue paper... anything with a print or pattern on it, I have to keep it. I have quite the stash haha.

  5. Love designs in embroidery hoops - I have a wall of cross stitch and needlepoint in hoops (that I often blog about), so fun to keep adding to.

  6. Firstly, thanking you muchly for all the comments recently! yes, Athena does have her own jewellery box the jammy little sproglet she is!
    I never ever see embroidery hoops in charity shops, or at car boots. I went to two this week and zilch! darnit.

  7. That's a very ingenious use for a bag! And very very pretty as well :-) I kept hold of a large Joules bag (from a pair of wellies I'd ordered) for about 4 years until we finally found a use for it a few months ago - as a computer monitor cover for our PC upstairs (the one that only gets switched on about twice a year...) :-) xxx