10 May 2014

Seaside Oddities

Hello lovelies!

Happy weekend! Have you got nice plans? 

My plans involve doing some sewing, watching True Detective, and a Eurovision sleepover with plenty of glitter, too much Chinese takeaway, and excessive quantities of chocolate. Bliss. Last weekend I ventured further afield, and spent Saturday on another mooch around Hastings with some of my favourite people, lingering over copious cups of coffee and scoffing delicious, artery-clogging cheese toasties. 

Tomato soup, carbs, and gooey cheese- the perfect lunch for a day by the sea!

The day got off to an excellent start, with some belated birthday presents from Alice:

Flamingo glass from IKEA
Out-of-this-world-ly Awesome Plasters from IKEA

I loved the plasters so much I was tempted to stick one on my (thankfully) wound-free face a la Nelly. He must be really awful at shaving...

Hastings is an odd place at the best of times (in a good way!) but it really outdid itself last weekend during its annual Jack in the Green festival. Everywhere we went we found leather-clad, blacked-up(!) Morris dancers and people dressed as trees. And they were only the peak of the iceberg of oddities... 

This was labelled as a double-ended babies' bottle. How would that even work?! 

This torch was about 40cm long, and reminded me of The Jetsons
Faux llama, standing well over 1m tall...

The most provocative mannequin I've ever seen

Kermit as Rodin's The Thinker

This wild boar clearly wasn't impressed by being killed and stuffed... 
Quite possibly the best hat I've ever seen. 

The food was ace, the company was better, the sights were seriously strange, but the highlight of the day had to be spying this calendar in a fishing equipment shop window: 

"Beautiful women with monster carp - every fisherman's dream!"

Have you ever been to Hastings, or found a calendar better than Fishing Babes? 

Katie xxx


  1. What a great collection of oddities and interesting things! What a great calendar! I've never been to Hastings but it certainly sounds interesting!

    1. It's such a fascinating place. The Old Town is my favourite part- crammed with antique shops, rustic cafes, and ancient maritime flotsam. xxx

  2. My Son would love those plasters - any excuse for a trip to Ikea!! :)

    1. Absolutely! To be honest, I prefer Ikea to Disneyland :p xxx

  3. I had a Gamelan gig in Hastings back in 2000, but apart from that and fish and chips on the Beach, I know nothing! X

  4. Hastings looks quite bonkers. Not what I expected at all. That ''fishing'' calendar is hilarious.
    Hope you're not too hungover after your Eurovision party! xxx

    1. Thankfully I think all the Chinese food soaked up the champagne :) xxx

  5. Haha awesome photos! That calendar is ridiculous! I would not want a giant carp near my naked body. No thanks! And I did not realize what we call 'band-aids' are 'plasters' to you. Yay for learning new things!

  6. Nice calendar.... The winged hat is amazing, it's owner must have a great sense of humour x