29 May 2014

Three Things Thursday

What up, sweetcheeks! 

Happy Friday Eve to you :)

Here are three things which have recently caused me to do a Kitchen Dance Of Joy. Although, to be honest, it doesn't take much. 

1. Fantastic Plastic
After spotting a hefty 40% off(!) discount code for Designosaur on twitter (in celebration of them hitting 1,000 sales, and rightly so) I treated myself to some sparkle. This guy had been on my wishlist for ages, so I decided to grant my own wish (it's a good thing I wasn't Cinderella's fairy godmother, or she'd still be scrubbing floors...):

The second one is just funny. No, I'm not engaged (but I would TOTALLY marry Designosaur if it asked me). Our wedding would basically be Jurassic Park with a wedding cake.

2. New phone
Since my phone broke a few months ago I've been making do with several of Tom's old smartphones (I know- first world problems!), all of which were on their last legs, moving from one to the next as each one died; like the Android Grim Reaper. The main problem (a SERIOUS first world problem) was that the phones were too old to support twitter, instagram, or take photographs of a higher quality than a toddler's drawing, done in the dark, with a blunt pencil.

I decided it was time to rejoin the modern phone world, and get myself one of those fancy floating-screens-with-special-gloves things Tom Cruise uses in Minority Report. Sadly, those apparently aren't real, so instead I bought a new phone from Tesco. Due to a pretty impressive combination of an already reduced price, a Tesco discount code, and the vast number of clubcard vouchers we had saved (due to being greedy fatties) I only ended up paying £34 for a phone some places are charging £160 for! 

The best part (well, the almost best part; a £34 smartphone is hard to beat) is that I can use social media again during the day. I know how much you've all missed the photos of every hot chocolate I drink. I basically did this for you.

3. Free Fancy Food
I've previously had a good ol' waffle about how much I love discounted food (being a bargain makes it taste much better) but free food has to be the king of edible bargains. Free food, you say? Well, I'll explain...

Waitrose, the sustenance-providing Mecca of the middle-classes (three kinds of tahini and counting!), still applies the financial discount for its multi-buy offers, even if you're buying reduced food!! Yup. For example, yesterday I bought two packets of sausages with an RRP of £3.29, one of which was reduced to £1.49. The sausages were part of a two-packs-for-£5 offer, so the till removed the difference between the cost of two RRP packs and a fiver; charging me £3.20 for both packs. This essentially means I saved 9p on the full-priced pack, and the reduced ones were FREE!!! Which means they'll be the tastiest sausages of all time (I can only assume, given that they'll all be scoffed by Tom, our resident carnivore). 

Katie xxx

P.S. If you've managed to read all the way to the bottom of what is essentially an itemised list of my recent shopping/maths lesson, I reckon you deserve a prize. Reduced sausages all round! 


  1. Mmmmm, thanks for the sausages. Is the designosaur thing a,necklace?? X

  2. P.S. What's the code? I'm not on Twitter!? Does it still work?x

    1. It was a one day only code I'm afraid; but definitely proves you should join twitter so I can send you such things in future :) xxx

  3. Oh new smartphones are fun! I know because we just upgraded to new ones.... they will be arriving any day, any minute really, at our door step! I'm super excited!

  4. Hehe I do love that ring! And glad to have you back on social media :)

  5. I love that diamond ring! Hahaha! I also love the idea of having a Jurassic Park themed wedding. I wonder if something like that has been done before? Anyway, I'm glad to know that you've finally decided to rejoin the modern phone world. I hope the new one will last longer than your old phone. Hahaha! All the best to you! :)

    Clara Brooks @ TelcoWorld

    1. Thanks Clara :) I'm not sure if it's been done, but there have been a fair few weddings featuring dinosaurs. As they should - because nothing says romance like a velociraptor! :p xxx