20 March 2014

Three Things Thursday

Hey m'dears!

Happy Friday Eve :) 

Have you got nice plans for the weekend? I've got a birthday party, with dancing no less, then I'm seeing my two oldest friends to talk all things wedding-related and probably eat too many biscuits, and then a meet-up with some fellow bloggers in Brighton for tea and chatting and probably eating too much cake. I'd better make sure I do plenty of dancing on Friday!!

Here are three things which have floated my boat today:

1. This article by Stylist magazine about an amazing dome home. It's looks so cheery and cosy, and it was built for under £6,500! I'm trying to figure out if we've got space for one in the garden so we can sell our house and pay off the mortgage... I love the idea of having to source curved furniture!

How adorable is that windowseat? And the amazing hammock on the roof!
[image source]

I love the idea of diving through that oval doorway onto the bed, like a lion jumping through hoops in the circus.
[image source]

2. Finding a box of amazing Tom Frost postcards, which contains all of his prints that I've been lusting after for ages. It was an an absolute bargain too, compared to the price of the official full-sized prints (£6.50 for 12!)

[image source]

Aren't they gorgeous? I just can't pick a favourite!

3. Adding lots of birthday present ideas to my Amazon Wishlist, because I'm a totally selfless person and don't want people stressing about what to buy me. *polishes halo* There's some pretty awesome stuff out there on the internet at the moment...

This drink dispenser would definitely make summer party cocktails a breeze
Who WOULDN'T want to fall asleep on a tiger's face?! 
Vase, shampoo bottle, salad dressing container...
Is there anything this pretty bottle couldn't be?!
What time is it, you say? I can't believe you even have to ask.
I've been lusting after this fun top since I saw it on Hannah's blog months ago

Ok, I'd better stop there, or I'm going to end up buying everything off my wishlist myself!!

What have you got lined up for the weekend? 

Katie xxx


  1. Ooh, party with dancing, how fun!!! That Boden top is delightfully fun!!!! I'd be tempted myself if I wasn't highly put off by Boden pricetags!!x

    1. It's beautiful isn't it? I know what you mean though- they are a rather pricey brand! xxx

  2. awhhh sounds like the perfect weekend! Sad i wont be there on Sunday it's my birthday so I GUESS that's a good enough excuse! I have vouchers to use on Amazon and have wanted a glass drink dispenser for years so must get this one me thinks! HAving said that, im not convinced my flat is big enough for one!

    1. Happy birthday for Sunday!! Have you got nice plans? There's always room for a drink dispenser somewhere :) xxx

  3. I have been eyeing up that Boden top for what feels like forever! One day it shall be mine!!!!
    Anna xx

    1. Maybe we can get one between us and share it? A joint custody t-shirt? Mmmm... custardy. xxx