23 March 2014

Goody Bags and Gerberas

I think it's fairly safe to assume that any weekend which starts with winning a musical chairs/dance-off hybrid is going to end up being pretty amazeballs.

I spent Friday night at my friend's birthday party (at a bar in Brighton), and laughed so many belly laughs I was rather disappointed not to wake up with a six pack on Saturday*. The laughter was due to a so-good-I-wish-I-could-bottle-it combination of excellent people (including Captain Morgan, who actually is bottled...), a glow-stick related "challenge"** which I found almost impossible (I blame the Captain), and winning a game of musical chairs which turned into a dance off! It was a close-run thing though; I got so into throwing shapes to Sussudio I nearly forgot to dive for the chair!

If all of that wasn't enough to make it the party of the year, my friend also gave out goody bags! They included colouring pencils, sweeties, the aforementioned glow-sticks, party popper, paracetamol and those little fluffy Easter chicks. Incredible.

They were dinosaur goody bags too!! Eep!

Yesterday I drove to a girlfriend's house and back on my own - thankfully without incident (I hate driving). The driving stress was more than made up for by several hours of putting the world to rights over cups of tea, hearing about my friend's amazing adventures in Australia, swapping very belated Christmas presents (and early birthday presents for me) and getting to see my friend in her wedding dress (I'm going to be one of her bridesmaids in November).

Part of my present haul - so cute!

My present haul was completely overwhelming and left me feeling utterly spoilt. I got this mug and the matching plate, an adorable tea strainer, a "K" Scrabble coaster, a delicious looking tape-measure, and some pretty tissues. I'm hoping I can use the tissues without accidentally committing treason. Surely it's illegal to blow one's nose on the guards at Buckingham Palace?! I also received the hedgehog socks above, and this amazing deer head all the way from Aus (which circumvents Tom's Stag Ban because it has a loophole for presents!)

I also received a seriously stupendous bunch of flowers, which I managed to split up into five(!) arrangements and placed all around the house. I don't actually own any proper vases, so I used...

A spray-painted milk bottle; my go-to vessel for gerberas, which are my favourite flower
The metal jug I got for Christmas
A jar which used to hold dried sage - the label left stripes of glue around it but I like the pattern
An old light fitting from our bathroom before we did it up
And a recently emptied jar from the larder, complete with blackboard foil label

I ended up bailing on my original plans for today (to hang out with some lovely blogger types) due to getting soaked three minutes after leaving the house thanks to an unexpected downpour, which made me realise how much I needed a duvet day. I feel really sad I didn't see the girls, but glad that I took time to recuperate after the rest of my busy weekend.

What did you get up to this weekend? 

Katie xxx

* Who am I kidding? I always hope to wake up with a six pack - but belly laughs are basically crunches, right? So it was almost a possibility!

** The "challenge" was to fasten a glow-stick around your own wrist, using one hand. Everyone else completed it in under three minutes. It took me AN HOUR AND A HALF. Thankfully, I redeemed myself shortly afterwards with my musical chairs prowess.


  1. Whuuuuut?? Goodie bags?! Dear sweet lord that's immense! Impressed with your DIY vase collection too. You need to give me some tips!xx

    1. I know, right? :) My top tip would be look for anything empty in the house which is capable of holding water. If that doesn't work, go for empty-ish xxx

  2. Sounds like a fun weekend!

  3. Awesome weekend; goodie bags, glow sticks and hedgehogs on socks - you win!

    Also, you could have totally made the lack of vases into a style statement, rustic or vintage chic or something!
    M x Life Outside London

    1. Our entire house is mis-matched, vintage chic. By vintage I mean scuffed up with bits missing - because we're too clumsy/lazy to take care of things properly :p xxx

  4. The vase alternatives are pretty impressive!!! How exciting to receive pressies!!! X

  5. Adult goody bags - that's a fab idea!
    When we had did our Secret Santa swap at work , I put together little sweetie bags for all 12 of us to enjoy while we were opening them up our presents - everyone seemed to think it was a great thing to do. I think adult dinner parties would be so much more interesting if we all got a goody bag at the end! :-) xxx

    1. That's such a nice idea for the Secret Santa party. I'm seconding the idea for goody bags! As long as they also include a slice of cake to take home too :) xxx

  6. Haha you do make me smile :) Do you have a trick to keep your gerberas all standy-uppy? Mine go all droopy in no time at all :(
    Anna xx

  7. Gerberas are my favourite flower too! I had them at my wedding in all different shades of yellow.

    1. That sounds so pretty! Have you ever posted photos from your wedding on your blog? xxx