19 March 2014

Resolution update: Happy Things

Hello lovelies!

How's your week going?

I've been meaning to share an update on my List of Loveliness resolution for a while, and last night I finished the pen I'd been using and simultaneously reached the halfway point in my awesome notebook; which seems like a good point for reflection.

I have to say, 2014 has been a bit of a rollercoaster so far, and I've been dwelling on the negatives more than I normally would. Which I've realised is rather ridiculous, given that so much good stuff has happened that I've used up an entire Biro in under 3 months!

To make sure I gave a suitably random sample of my 247(!) points of happiness to date, I've included every 25th entry. For no reason other than I'm 25 (for another two weeks, anyway) so that seemed like a good number to choose. Here goes...

25. Forcing myself to spend some time sorting out the garden, then feeling proud of how much better it looks.
Approaching another of my resolutions with as much enthusiasm as I could possibly muster for a task involving mud and spiders. 

50. Buying a second hand Roberts radio from the flea market- after a flash of inspiration to turn it into a handbag!
I was going to wait until I'd finished this DIY before telling y'all about it, but my stupid "every 25th entry" honesty just let that cat out of the (super awesome radio) bag. Oops. 

Bargain radio. Before I attacked it with all of Tom's tools. 

75. Picking such an amazing place to stay including a pool, air hockey, table tennis, vast sofas and willow pattern china.
An entry from our Isle of Wight adventure.

100. Peanut M&Ms.
'Nuff said. 

125. Finding some serious bargains in the veggie feat freezer section, and buying six boxes.
"Feat" is mine and Tom's term for "fake meat", which I eat sometimes due to being one of those vegetarian types. We also have terms for specific kinds of feat including fricken (fake chicken), facon (fake bacon), and fish (fake fish. Oh wait....) 

"Fausages" (pronouced faux-sages). Do you see what we did there?
[image source]

150. Tom being equal parts hilarious and adorable.
He is, y'know. 

175. Pushing myself to clean the bathroom, which is now all sparkly.
Ooh look at me go - two recorded incidences of housework in under 3 months. I'd better slow down or I might get Duster's Elbow. 

200. Being on comedy fire, sans drink.
At my friend Pat's birthday party (the one with the Viking Longboat). I was the designated driver, but still managed to make my friend Jenny laugh until she cried about Ready, Steady, Cook. I wasn't aiming for tears, I hasten to add; that would be pretty mean!!

225. Weirdest, but one of the funniest plays I have ever seen- involving taxidermy, working at B&Q, chicken fillet vaginas, and stalking men at Morrison's checkouts. Odd.
Yep. Thanks, Sick Festival. I don't know what to say...

Did you make any resolutions? How are they going? 

Katie xxx


  1. Well, I can't wait to see how you turned a radio into a handbag! I know just how you feel about the garden and the bathroom. I blitzed the mould in our bathroom on Mon and whilst it's still utterly gross decor wise, it's sparkly clean and mildew free which almost makes it pleasant.
    I hope the rest of the year has more ups than downs for you. That man of yours sounds like someone very special. xxx

    1. Good work - there really is something about a clean room which makes the day seem brighter! Thanks for your sweet comment, as always :) xxx

  2. awhh what a great post Katie! Sorry to hear youve got caughter up in the negatives (quarter life crisis is a real thing fyi) but this is a great idea to get you away from the negatives. I really cannot wait to see your radio bag, please tell me you can listen to the radio whilst with bag?! In other news I really wanted to go to SIck festival and am desperately sad to have missed stuff! xx

    1. Thanks for letting me know about the quarter life crisis - fitting mine in just under the wire! Sadly I don't think the radio part will be working any more, as I ripped the insides of the radio out with pliers :( At least you have the Brighton Festival to look forward to soon :) xxx

  3. How cool this is!!! I want to see the full list! Type girl, type!x

    1. I'll be doing more of these updates, don't you worry :) xxx

  4. My dad is the chairman (or similar) of the UK vintage wireless society. If I told him what you were doing with your radio I think his head might explode.
    Come and clean my bathroom?

  5. Looking forward to your radio-cum-handbag post - eep!!
    A xx