18 March 2014

Nailvarnish and Nostalgia

There's nothing quite like an unexpected, ominous email is there? Especially one that hints at new, embarrassing things being published about you on the internet.

I received the following message from my Uncle earlier this week...

Hi Katie,

Sorry for the pic on Facebook, but you both looked so funny!

Here is one you might like.

Steve x

Erk!! Naturally, I headed straight over to Facebook, to discover this gem: 

The classic "oh look - no arms!" Pyjama Party. To be honest, I was expecting worse. There are some photos floating around somewhere of my brother in one of my headbands. He's 24 now, and in the Navy. Haha.

The photo Steve thought I'd prefer? This one:

Me and my Granddad Des (husband of the excellent Pam)

I've clearly always been a lover of a novelty jumper or six..... This one was adorned with Liquorice Allsorts.

As the glacé cherry on the top of this week's nostalgia trifle, I decided to buy some nail varnish; something I haven't worn since I was a girl (when my artistic Mum used to paint them for me). I was fully aware that I'd never be as talented with my talons as my brilliant friend Alice, but was hoping I'd somehow managed to improve since my childhood. No such luck - my hands look like they've been attacked by three drunken toddlers with tins of gloss paint!

"Artist's" impression. I definitely can't call myself an artist any more.

Care to share any embarrassing childhood photos? You know you want to!

Katie xxx


  1. That picture is hilarious!!!! What a Goldilocks you were as a child!!! Your face is still the same though!! X

    1. Yep - just the same. I'm sure my brother is very glad that his smile is less gappy now though :p xxx

  2. Haha, you knew how to pyjama party alright!
    I cannot ever EVER let my childhood photos see the light of day. Ever. I had a perm. There are other reasons too...but perm alone is enough to start with.
    M x Life Outside London

    1. Now I REALLY want to see photos of a permed mini you. xxx

  3. Those pics are adorable! You little cutie!
    And my nails always look like Zoe helped me paint them. Messy!!
    A xx