6 January 2014

Prints Charming*

Do you want to know one of the most exciting things to happen to me so far this year? 

It's pretty epic. Hold on to your bobble hats, people:

Tom and I have decided what to put on the blank wall above our sofa.

Told you it was epic.

I'd been swinging between a triptych of large frames, a collection of faux animal heads, and a picture ledge (like a Linda Barker/Tarzan hybrid) but after spotting some beautiful rooms with picture ledges in the latest Ideal Home my mind was made up. Plus, no matter how hard I pleaded, I'm pretty sure Tom wouldn't let a stuffed unicorn head into the house.... Sadface.

It'll kind of look like this...
[Image Source]

So I've placed an Ikea order for two picture ledges and a smorgasbord of white frames in varying shapes and sizes so our display will (hopefully!) still look as eclectic as the rest of our house. We're planning to put two ledges next to each other, to span the length of our sofa; so we'll have 2.3m of stacking space to play with! 

[image source]

Then, as if I hadn't just spent enough money on Ribbas and Ubersluckens and whatnot, I logged on to Rockett St George (one of my go-to sites for industrial interior gorgeousness) to do a little internet-window shopping. I promise it was meant to be window-shopping, until I saw that this beauty (who'd been on my wishlist since the Great Deer Hunt of 2013) had gone into the January sale. Oops. But look how pretty:

Plaster of Paris Roe Deer head from Rockett St George

He hasn't arrived yet, but when he does he's got to go straight into the loft; because apparently deer now have to be "Just For Christmas" in this house. Boooooooo.

Anyway, the point of this post (and that pun) is that I bought a whole load of frames but currently have nothing to fill them with. So I've been rounding up potentially awesome prints from all over the internet. Which one(s) do you think I should get? 

I tracked down this Dancing Foxes print after spotting it on Laura's blog.
This one is actually the greeting card version - small and sweet.
I love all of these tea prints by Peskimo but this one is my favourite
Ok, this isn't a print at all. But COME ON- (re)drawing Nic Cage's
hair would provide hours minutes of entertainment
I'm slightly freaked out that Joe Carr is stalking my dreams.
There are no words to describe how amazeballs this is.
This Tiger Timbergram is an A3 version of the
wooden postcard I bought my friend Holly
I really love this print. Something about it reminds me of Escape To Witch Mountain.
This print would certainly give guests a hint of the colour they
can find elsewhere in our house
This lovely mountain print is currently on sale too!
There's nothing like a bit of enthusiasm

If you've seen any other awesome prints recently please do send me links (in the comments or on twitter) so I can drool over them too!

Katie xxx

* Just FYI, this may be my favourite play-on-words of all time. Apart from perhaps the Ninjaraffe.


  1. I love the Ikea picture ledges! Great way to re-arrange pictures without all the holes in the wall! They look great behind sofas, think my kids would try and climb on it though. I'm thinking of putting one above my bed. Looking forward to seeing how you arrange it xx

    1. That's what I was thinking- much easier to switch things around when I get bored without making Tom get out the hammer again! Putting one behind a bed sounds like a great idea; you could even prop up some canvases covered in fabric as a pretend headboard! xxx

  2. Oooh, I must check out these picture ledges!! Love your choices and the deer SHOULD CERTAINLY (cough cough Tom) be for life, not just for Christmas!!! What happened to you, you were like my number 1 blog stalker over Christmas and then you vanished *sniff* !x

    1. Haha thanks Kezzie I will show Tom your wise advice :p Sorry I've been rude and not commenting; I've been reading blogs on Tom's tablet thing and the comments boxes sometimes don't work! So annoying. I'm back on the laptop again though so I'll be back on the stalking in no time :p xxx

  3. Well, I'm not much use for print advice, though I do like a lot of Katie Daisy prints (you'll find her on Etsy) but thanks for introducing me to rocket st george - I'd never heard of them until now.

    1. Thanks for the tip about Katie Daisy; those prints look so sweet! Enjoy RSG :) xxx

  4. Oh yeah. This one speaks to me! I have one obviously.
    It's going to look great! xx

    1. This is excellent (and very true). I may have to DIY something similar! xx

  5. I can't believe I hadn't seen ninjaraffe until now! Can pun-art be a new thing? ... Is it already? Anywho, nice work :)
    Laura x

    1. Thank you very much :) It's certainly a thing in this house! xx

  6. I love the idea of a picture ledge! I considered this for our new place because we have so many framed prints but I feel like my cats would use the ledge as a walk way and would knock things over :(

    All those prints are amazing! The Dancing Foxes is adorable. Etsy is dangerous for prints haha.