4 January 2014

Oodles of noodles

S'up homies

What's new with you?

To kick-start my New Year's Resolutions I've been spending more time in the kitchen, trying out new recipes and cooking up a storm. 

This morning's breakfast was a second (more successful) attempt at flourless banana pancakes, which involve nothing more than a banana, 2 eggs, 1/2 tsp ground cinnamon and a few drops of vanilla essence all mashed up together and fried. Yum. 

Mmmm... breakfast.

I think next time I'll probably add a little more vanilla, to make sure the savoury flavour from the eggs is completely covered with sweetness, but aside from that I was pretty happy with how these turned out. 

I made my own version of this potato-crust quiche for our lunch, as a slightly healthier alternative to traditional pastry versions. I substituted cheddar for feta, and included the yolks of all four eggs. The grated potato edges ended up a little crispy, but they tasted like hash browns :)

Last night's dinner was a concoction all of my own, which turned out to be rather tasty (even if I do say so myself!) so I've written out the recipe below. Serves 2 greedy people. 

Slice one packet of tofu into medium sized chunks and fry in 2tbsp sesame/ groundnut oil over a medium high heat, turning regularly. Whilst the tofu is frying, chop 2 spring onions, 1/2 packet of sugarsnap peas, 1 bunch pak choi and 2 mushrooms into small pieces. 

When the tofu starts to look crispy, add the vegetables with 2-4 cloves of garlic (crushed) and a small dollop of pureed ginger. Stir-fry for 3-4 minutes, then add one packet of noodles (I used rice noodles) and cook according to packet instructions (mine took 3+1/2 minutes). If the noodles start sticking, add a small splash of soy sauce (I used low sodium soy). Whilst the noodles are frying, mix 1tbsp miso paste into a small cup of freshly boiled water

Split the stir-fry between two bowls, pour the miso soup over the top, and then slurp it all up. 

Please excuse the crummy phone photo; it smelt so good
I couldn't wait to find my camera!

Katie xxx


  1. Phwoar, that tofu dish looks gorgeous!!!!! Shame about the 'shrooms!!! Are you back at work now? X

  2. That quiche looks soooo delicious! And if the edges taste like hash browns that's even better - LOVE hash browns, they're a big part of my life :) Hope you're having a lovely weekend x x


  3. I think that smothering in chocolate sauce or golden syrup might also kill the savouriness in the eggs. And the fruit content balances out the chocolate/syrup so it's really healthy. Am so going to try this! xx

  4. Yum! Your quiche and stir-fry pictures are making me hungry...