21 January 2014

EllaBellaMaeDesigns - Squee!

Lookit! Lookit! Just LOOK at the pretties!!

I was just browsing Etsy, as one does, and look at the gorgeousness I found!

Butterfly Garden Wreath

Vintage Gnome Wreath

Panda Wreath

These beauties are all from the wonder-working mitts of Shannon at EllaBellaMaeDesigns. I want them ALL. 

Jar of Luck

How sweet would this one look in a bathroom?

Pop Art Wreath

Partly because this one has already been sold. Sad face. Although I'm not surprised, because IT'S GOT A PONY ON IT!!

Vintage Horse and Red Roses

You can find all of Shannon's beautiful designs here. Which one's your favourite?

Katie xxx


  1. Oh how cute!!! I love them! I'd definitely like the nautical one!x

  2. I am always disappointed in January to take down the Christmas door wreath; why isn't it socially acceptable to wreath your doors in the UK for every season. An Easter wreath with those crappy little chicks would look amazing. I need the gnome wreath in my life.

    1. That's precisely what I was thinking. Wreaths should no longer be just for Christmas! xxx

  3. Er, no no no!!! You cannot have radio silence for so long and then I find three lovely comments from you (or was it two?) which makes me scuttle excitedly over here in search of a post to find NOTHING!!!! I am bunged up and am in need of Katie-laughs!!!
    Did you like the Dinosaur wrapping paper in my Scavenger hunt by the way? I thought of you when I photographed it- and the Pirate ice-cube tray which didn't make it into the post!x

  4. Oh man these are cool! I think my fav is the comic book one, but gosh, they are all so cool!

  5. I really need to get me some Etsy action, stat! Such lovely little finds. Unleash the wreaths. M x Life Outside London