20 January 2014

Eating and Shooting Leaves

Hey m'dears

Did you have a nice weekend? 

This weekend has lasted five whole days for me (as I personally think all weekends should) because Tom and I took some time off to celebrate his birthday. We've had a lovely time eating too much, staying up late, eating birthday cake, watching films, pottering about, and eating. Did I mention eating? 

This morning I took pity on the forlorn-looking bananas in our fruit bowl, who had been abandoned in favour of birthday cake, by smooshing them into a loaf-sized version of my banana oat muffins. The fact we ate half the loaf for breakfast wouldn't have been so bad if I hadn't added half a bag of Christmas chocolate stars to it too. Oops. 

In the hopes of counteracting the excess of the last few days, and so I can wear something smaller than a duvet cover to work tomorrow (boo), we then headed out for a walk around Nymans; a local National Trust property. 

I think this species is called Frillius Maximus

We basked in the glorious, wintery sunshine, photographed the tiny green shoots pushing their way through the mulch-covered earth, and squelched across the waterlogged lawns in our wellies. 

Beautiful blue sky

Photo taken by Tom - I'm not that good a photographer!

Spying on Tom. I was like James Bond in wellies. 

We saw a National Trust attempt at an optical illusion, and a teeny, tiny gate; which I am hoping was made to make rabbits feel more welcome.

"We need to cover the fountain for winter. What shall we cover it with?"
"A photo of the fountain - so visitors don't feel hard done by".

I also discovered that infant pine cones look like miniature roses. How sweet are these?!

I'm keeping my fingers crossed the walk burnt off our breakfast, because my plans for the rest of the day involve hot chocolate, biscuits, and old episodes of Jonathan Creek! 

Katie xxx


  1. What a lovely place for a walk, your photos are great. The snowdrops here aren't out yet - I went looking where I know there are some on Saturday and there weren't even any shoots yet, I had thought they may appear earlier with all the mild weather, but it seems not.

    1. Thank you; that's a particularly flattering compliment from someone who's such a good photographer themselves! Most of the snowdrops and crocuses were only shoots, but it was very exciting to see some that had bloomed already! xxx

  2. Ooooh, such lovely FRESH photos! I feel healthier already just by looking!
    oooh, which Jonathan Creek? I have them on DVD!x

    1. Starting all the way back with Season 1 - all four seasons are on Netflix! The first one is so 90s! Double denim galore :p xxx

  3. hahaha this actually "literally" made me L.O.L for real. Particular highlights include Frillius Maximus and the fountain cover! xx

  4. lovely photos of a lovely day ...

  5. ICK MOULD. that is all. Oh and Nymans is lovely, we were NT members but gave it up as we'd visited all the local places and I signed up as a junior when I wasn't and couldn't remember the fake DOB gave. I think I have told you this before?