27 October 2013

Faux Shizzle

Guys! GUYS! Guess what?!! I've finally managed to wear Tom down persuade Tom to let me buy a(nother) wall-mounted stag head to accompany the pompom garland I'm making for Christmas*!! I'm pretty sure this is only a temporary lift of the Stag Ban, and I've had to pinky-swear it'll be taken down the minute December is over (there go my New Year's plans!) but STILL. *Does the dance of a girl about to purchase a new stag head* (a super cool dance, which may involve miming antlers.)

Now the most important question (in my life) is: Which deer head do I buy?! With me being all vegetarian and whatnot, it's going to be a faux one. I realise my sofa is made of an entire herd of cattle; but I think an actual deer corpse on my wall would make me feel like this.

There are so many beautiful options to choose from- I really can't make up my mind! 

1. MIHO Roe Rene / 2. Construction Kit Model / 3. Green / 4. Wooden

1. Black / 2. White gloss / 3. White / 4. Natural

1. Paisley / 2. Silver / 3. Purple Glitter / 4. Flowers
1. Steiff / 2. Moose / 3. White Tailed Deer / 4. Kitsch

or Novelty:
1. Light-up lantern / 2. Fairy lights / 3. SINGING!!

Which one do you guys think I should get**?

Katie xxx

*I know, I know, I said the C word- but after reading the Ideal Home Christmas issue last night I'm now itching to dust everything with icing sugar and spray my house silver to complete the Winter Wonderland colour scheme. 

** All, right? I should get them all. Yes. 


  1. I'm quite smitten with Classic 1 and 2. But also fancy the purple glitter. It's a very tough choice. With far flung consequences. I wouldn't want to be in your shoes right now...but you have to ask yourself, 'What works best with pom poms?' xxx

    1. Haha - precisely! It's such a hard decision; I think I might have to make some pros and cons lists! xxx

  2. I love the paisley one so much! Just not sure I could justify such a large amount of cash on it :(. It would look amazing though...

    1. It's stunning, isn't it? I love all of the patterned heads in that shop- to be honest I think the paisley one is my favourite of all; but I'm equally squirmish about forking out £140 for it! Thinking perhaps get a cheaper one I like the shape of and then decoupage it? xxx

  3. I love wooden number 1 and fancy number 1 - do show us which one you choose and the pompoms too!

  4. either the one with the lantern hanging out of its gob, or the sparkly purple one, seeing as you have to take it down after the dreaded C!

    1. The sparkly purple one is so fabulous! Although I'm thinking perhaps I should get one which blends in slightly more- then if it *happens* to still be up in January Tom might not notice... xxx

  5. Plush no.3 does it for me x