20 October 2013

Cider and Sparkle

I have a sneaking suspicion that, if I were to admit feeling anything other than head-over-ankle-boots adoration about autumn, I'd be expelled from the blogging community faster than you can say "Instagram Photo Of A Starbucks Latte In A Hand-Knitted Cup Warmer". Thankfully, I genuinely do adore it.

To me, autumn means:

1. Getting to wear my excessive collection of novelty/strange knitwear (hello Owl Jumper!).

2. Excellent opportunities for nature-based photography.

3. Lots of stews, preferably with coriander dumplings.

4. An unquashable compulsion to make things out of wool. I've gone a bit pompom mad after spotting this gorgeous garland:

[image from tea pea]

Until I've made enough pompoms for a suitably impressive garland, I'm going to keep them in one of my new jars. Although, I think I really need a deer head to set them off properly (not a real one obviously. Eurgh.)

5. Upping my hot chocolate consumption to a practically death-defying quantities*. Except today, when I decided to switch things up and mull some cider. 

Mulled cider in a teacup. Because early-afternoon drinking goes from "problem" to "classy" the minute one involves a saucer, doncha know.

The only thing I don't like about autumn is the ever-earlier-encroaching darkness. Gloom isn't cheering for anyone (except maybe goths?), so I was thrilled when DotComGiftShop sent me one of these beautiful antique baubles to brighten up my life living room.

This bauble is more than your average decoration, because:

1. It's absolutely huge (15cm diameter - like a sparkly, festive melon).

2. It's filled with fairy lights. So, when you turn it on, it looks like a cluster of fireflies having a party inside an antique silver disco ball. There's no way that could be anything but cheering!

It's also excellent at illuminating the face of That Other Bloke From Queen
on the front of record sleeves.

I have to say, though, it looks rather lonely on its own. There's only one thing for it - I'm going to have to buy it some little friends

Katie xxx

*Did you know humans can die from Theobromine poisoning after eating one kilo of chocolate? Amateurs! And who says I don't live on the edge?!


  1. OOOh, I love the pom poms and the bauble! I've never managed to make those poms properly- tis very annoying!!!! I've eaten SOME chocolate today but what I HAVE eaten too much of is jelly bellies!!!x

  2. That bauble is beautiful! And mulled cider is so amazing! I have some cider in my fridge waiting to be mulled! And I so need a pompom garland as well...