17 September 2013

Sweatshirts and Skeletons

Hello lovely people!
Are you having a good week? 

I spent at least fifteen minutes today thinking it was Wednesday. In the middle of the day too. I think my brain had just had enough of Tuesday.

Here's what's been going on with me recently (besides forgetting that Tuesdays last for 24 hours):

On Sunday, Tom and I donned our finest holey jeans and gravy-stained t-shirts and went on a very exciting outing to The Tip, to get rid of some of the rubbish which had been cluttering up our back garden.

Whilst chucking our garden refuse into the appropriate receptacle, keeping rigidly to the Tip Laws, Karma decided to literally slap me across the face in what I can only assume was a backlash against my slovenly attitude towards gardening. As I tipped our (long dead) Magnolia tree* into the skip, one of the branches whipped right across my cheek like a Dickensian headmaster's cane. Ouch. 

It was like this. Only my arms are way more muscular.
[image source]

Post-caning, I got chatting to one of the guys working there. Mostly because I wanted a très shabby-chic-urban-warehouse-rustic-upcycled-vintage wooden stool I'd spotted, which some idiot had just DUMPED there like a woodworm-ridden piece of rubbish. As it turned out, the Tip King (as I shall henceforce refer to him) actually uses the stool as a throne from which to survey his recycled kingdom, and he therefore didn't want to part with it. Fair play, Tip King. 

Anyway, I digress- I got chatting to the Tip King about the weird and wonderful things he must've seen people get rid of (prompted by the pair of mannequin legs he keeps propped next to his throne, as you do). The Tip King told me that, having been King of the Tip for over half a decade (he actually said "over 5 years", but I reckon "half a decade" sounds fancier), there was nothing which could surprise him any more. Which was obviously my cue to ask "Have you ever found a body?". The answer? YES. 

So.... Erm... At least the local cold blooded killers care about recycling, I guess?!

In other news, I have discovered a new clothing website stocked with all kinds of weird and wonderful items (check this out!), which offers FREE worldwide shipping. Hurrah! From what I've seen so far, Sheinside seems to have a constant sale on; and signing up via Facebook scored me 20% off my whole order. Which meant the 3 items I purchased yesterday averaged out to £11 each, including shipping. I am particularly excited about the sweatshirt. 

I bought this blue dress for work, so it doesn't even COUNT as proper shopping.

Same with this minty green one

This sweatshirt is for wearing at all times when I am not at work.

The clothes haven't arrived yet, so for all I know they are made of spit and paper; but I'm keeping everything crossed they're as nice as they look online, because I really want this blouse (for work!! It's a career investment!) when it's back in stock. And maybe this sweatshirt - it's just SO 90s!! 

Finally, I've discovered a brilliant new Twitter account which makes and tweets photoshopped animal hybrid pictures. My favourites are the hostrich and the owlberry (technically not an animal mashup, but just check out that little green stalk hat!):

Image from @AnimalMashups
Image from @AnimalMashups

Brilliant, aren't they?

What have you been up to recently?

Katie xxx

*Sorry Marilyn!


  1. Love the mashup pictures - they made me and the other half laugh out loud! :-) x

    1. They're brilliant, aren't they? I can heartily recommend skimming through the others too- giggles galore :) xx

  2. I actually bought that green dress for my graduation ceremony and it's surprisingly good quality! Admittedly I got it direct from China (thank you, eBay) but the picture looks identical.

    Girl Reviews Things xx

    1. That's excellent news- thanks for letting me know :) Hurry up delivery man! xx

  3. That green dress is lovely. All I've had to get excited about is some furniture wax arriving in the post. And it was very exciting actually because I was just on the verge of running out of mine when the post lady came. Close call. But not as exciting as new clothes arriving. I'm clearly shopping in the wrong places! xx

    1. Haha :) I hope you hugged the post lady like she'd just saved you from a burning building! You could do a bit of both- that'd add mystery to your deliveries too... "Will this one be for wearing or for buffing?!" xxx

  4. Oh my, the Owlberry is adorable! And thank you for sharing that clothing site! I'm browsing now...

  5. Oooh, love the dresses! BUT I MUST not indulge! No clothes allowed!!! X