12 September 2013

Awkward & Awesome

I'm shamelessly stealing Emma's excellent post idea today because my week so far has contained moments of both Awkward and Awesome; which I naturally wanted to share with all of you! 

So here's the Awkward:

1. Crazy stress levels, which have been making me feel like this:

2. Accidentally spilling half a cup of water on my right boob whilst rushing around at work. 

Not really sure why I added the "accidentally" there... Who would do that on purpose?! 

Anyway, I then had to spend five minutes in the ladies' as an amateur contortionist, trying to bend low enough to fit the top of my dress under the hand-dryer:

I'm just glad no-one else came in to use the loos. 

3. Finding out there's a Giant Spider in our kitchen, hiding behind the dishwasher. I haven't seen it, but I heard Tom yell something along the lines of "Holy Crap!"- which is basically our code for Elephant Sized Spider On The Loose. 

I really don't like spiders. Especially Giant ones. But you know what my biggest fear is? WHAT IF IT CUTS ME OFF FROM THE FRIDGE?!

And to balance it out, the Awesome:

1. Monday was our 5 Year Anniversary. FIVE YEARS. That's, like, a really long time. This year's celebrations were pretty low-key (which was nothing to do with both of us forgetting, *ahem*... at least we're equally hopeless!), but Tom bought me a killer toffee cake and the most beautiful flowers I've ever seen :) 

2. Finding my new favourite wintery drink. I may not have actually tried it yet, but I KNOW it's going to blow Hot Elderflower Punch out of the water. On Monday I found cherry juice(!) in the fresh juice isle at Tesco, and my bakery sense* is telling me that cherry juice + Amaretto is going to be like a cup of (alcoholic) Bakewell tart. I'll let you know how it goes.

3. Watching Orange is the new Black. We recently started a Netflix subscription, and I am VERY excited about all the rubbishy rom coms in my future. However, after receiving a very enthusiastic recommendation for Orange is the New Black, I've mainly been watching that. It's edgy, funny, dramatic, and has a lot less shiv-ing than I expected for a series set in prison. Four stars.

4. Chocolate. It's stopped me from stabbing anyone with a Biro.

What's been going on in your life recently?

Katie xxx

* Like a Spidey Sense, only it tingles about pastry.


  1. Happy anniversary to you both!
    You need a kitchen dwelling hedgehog to eat your spider but they poo and wee everywhere. Then walk in it. The spider might be less trouble. xx

    1. Thank you!

      Hmm... yes - at least the spider has yet to poo anywhere (unless there's a mound of it behind the dishwasher?!).

      You look sehr glamorous in your new avatar by the way- like a movie star! xx

  2. congrats on the semi-forgotten anniversary!
    The hot elderflower sounds DELISH. I too have had to stand under a hand drier with a wet boob, the leak when you have babies you know.... :(

    1. Thanks lovely :) Hot elderflower is excellent - much better than cold and non-alcoholic too so it's baby-safe! At least you've got a cute baby to make up for the leaking! :) xx

  3. Let me know how the cherry juice and amaretto is! That sounds like the perfect drink!! And Orange is the New Black is so good! The season finale will just leave you hanging. I'm excited for the next season!

    1. I had some earlier in the week (with a bit of lemonade) and can confirm it is delicious! The cliff hanger at the end of season one is so frustrating- hurry up season two!! :) xxx

  4. I love how you use hilarious paint pictures!! I used to do that on my blog and then photos took over!!! Must do again!!! Spider fridge was hilarious!!!

    1. Paint is the best :) You should definitely do some more pictures. And check out http://hyperboleandahalf.blogspot.co.uk/ - best. paint. pictures. ever. xxx