27 July 2013

Summer of Colour

Hello lovelies!

Are you having a nice weekend? 

I've been determined to make the most of all this glorious sunshine (i.e. minimising my moaning about how it's TOO DAMN HOT ALL THE TIME) because I know winter is going to sneak up like a ninja and then I'll be lamenting the lack of long sunny afternoons and lazy Sunday BBQs. Although returning to our Sunday Roast routine will offer some small consolation because man, do I love gravy. 

I've also added a few more spots of colour to our current décor to ensure I feel summery even when I'm inside sheltering from the Scorching Ball Of Death. This was initiated by Zara Home's mega sale (which is still on by the way- go go go!!), and I've been dancing for joy pretty much non-stop* since I finally became the proud owner of one of their duvet covers**. I've been coveting Zara Home's wonderful bedding collections for nearly half a decade, but the combination of crazy high prices for the Super King sized options and delivery costs starting at FIFTEEN ENGLISH POUNDS(!) meant I stuck to lusting after them from afar. 

Duvet cover and pillowcase in situ. It's like SLEEPING IN A RAINBOW.

When I found out Zara Home was opening a store in Brighton I'm pretty sure I shouted "WOOHOOOO!" with more enthusiasm than a child at the start of the summer holidays. As I now had the option to pick up my purchases instore and avoid the obscene postage costs, I decided to treat myself to said duvet cover plus a new pillowcase from the Kid's range sale and an ashtray that I thought would make the perfect soap dish in our bathroom; because for some unknown reason the Playmobile boat has worked out to be less practical than I'd expected***. 

Unfortunately, the dimensions listed on the website for the ashtray were slightly off because they stated it measured 18 x 18 x 4 cm, when in reality it measures 8 x 6 x 2 cm. I didn't notice this until I got home but, in testament to my laziness, it has not been returned to the store - despite being hilariously tiny. Thankfully, we have plenty of miniature soaps purloined from our stays in fancy hotel rooms to keep things in proportion. 

Next to tiny hotel soap to give idea of scale.

It is pretty though, isn't it?

To balance out my splurge on paisley-patterned goodness, the remainder of my additions have been sourced for free. A gorgeous plant from Katy (which I've managed to keep alive for THREE WHOLE WEEKS), an upcycled "vase" which was previously one of the light shades in our old bathroom, more flowers from the garden, and a giant baked bean tin from my Mum. 

The lavender smells absolutely amazing. I have no idea what
the other stuff is, besides pretty and free (two of my favourite things).

I find it really uplifting being surrounded by so much colour. Do you feel the same, or are you all about neutral colours and calm serenity? 

Katie xxx * Which is just as well, because I can't remember the last time I wasn't eating a Double Caramel Magnum.

** Which is now £10 less than what I paid for it (grr!), so go grab yourself a bargain!

*** Don't panic- the toothbrush holder is still going strong. 


  1. Fab duvet cover - I want one but my bed is double and they don't have any doubles, sadly. I wanted the topsheet but there are no stores anywhere near me and I refuse to pay £15 delivery - that's ridiculous! Just seen your previous post too - those lego birds and badger are amazing, there are some talented people out their!

    1. If it didn't take me an hour to get to the Brighton one I'd totally set up my own Zara Home shipping service posting out people's orders to them for real life postage prices instead of stupid ones. xx

  2. Gorgeous bedding. I love paisley. It reminds me of an old eiderdown. xx