28 July 2013

A truckload of blu tack

Hey m'dears :) 

Have you had a nice day? 

Mine has mostly involved eating Nutella on sourdough toast, and was therefore AWESOME. The consumption of Nutella was basically compulsory, because this morning I managed to summon the energy to fulfil my bi-annual urge to go for a run. Pretty amazing, eh? *waits patiently for award*

As I only run for about twenty minutes every six months, and don't do any exercise in between, I was stupidly proud of doing 5.5km in less than 35 minutes. I wasn't actually running for the entire time, but there were some pretty steep hills involved; and I have the fitness levels of an octogenarian with a lifelong allergy to cardio. 

I didn't take any photos of myself post-run, but here's an
artist's impression of my face. AKA Sweaty Tomato. 

After a few hours' recouping from my exertions, comforted by various Kirstie and Phil re-runs and aforementioned Nutella-slathered toast, I felt the need to complete a mini makeover of our guest room. 

To set the scene- one of my school friends stayed with us for a while just after we bought our house, due to landing a job practically in our back garden. Unfortunately, the posters that said put up whilst staying with us took pieces of the wallpaper with them when he left. Almost three years later, I decided something had to be done. 

A few holes shown in red circles of shame (added during editing-
my friend didn't circle them afterwards to highlight what he'd done :p)

My solution was, naturally, to cover the wall in maps. It's what I do. A lot. So, here's a DIY with how to create your very own Map Wall.

You will need:
- Sufficient maps to cover your chosen wall.
- Lots of Blu Tack
- Scissors/craft knife
- Something to distract your boyfriend so he doesn't realise what you're doing or become suspicious of the ominous silence whilst you're busy blu-tacking*. 
- Snacks to keep your strength up. 


1. Use craft knife/scissors to cut maps to size, and to fit them around any sockets or light switches. 

2. Stick maps to wall with plenty of blu tack, to ensure they don't fall off in the night, making a loud noise that wakes you in a blind panic that burglars are trying to steal your collection of Nicolas Cage DVDs**. 

3. Make sure to eat plenty of snacks to keep your strength up. After all, you're a runner now and runners need lots of carbs. Or chocolate. Either works.  

I was considering adding a "route" of red wool all over the wall, to represent an epic journey. However, I restrained myself. Not because I was worried about the room becoming seriously OTT maps-wise (the chest of drawers is in here too); but because I thought it might look like one of those boards detectives use in the movies when trying to solve a murder. 

What do you think? Too much? 

Katie xxx 

The Grand Prix works pretty well. Thanks, Formula 1!

** Could happen. 


  1. It looks great and very quirky which I like. But the Nicholas Cage dvd collection? Tell me more! He's quite fascinating isn't he? mmm...xx

    1. Thanks Emma Kate! He's my not-so-secret #1 Weird Crush. I just love him. Even though his "acting" is awful, Con Air is one of my all-time favourite films. And don't even get me started on the National Treasure franchise. They'll so, so bad that they're genius!


  2. Fun idea! Where did you get all your maps from? I was hoping to do a map project soon and wasn't sure where to look.


    1. The small ones were originally an atlas, which my Mum picked up in a charity shop. I've previously found them free outside flea markets, but would also recommend car boot sales. Depending on what kind you want, you could go to the tourist information office which might have free maps of your local area. Good luck on the hunt! xxx

    2. Thank you!

  3. Bloomin awesome!!!! I love it! I also had a realllllllly hardworkking day in the garden (I don't spend much time doing garden stuff) and I totally felt like a reward!x

  4. I think that looks really cool. It's a good idea!