5 July 2013

dotcomgiftshop bloggers' event

Hello lovelies!

Me-rry Christ-mas!

OK, OK, it's not technically Christmas time yet (fooled you!), but despite it currently being all July and whatnot, I spent yesterday afternoon feeling more festive than a bowlful of jelly-esque belly, because I was lucky enough to be invited to attend the dotcomgiftshop bloggers' event showcasing all their new autumn/winter goodies! EEEP! And, also, EEEP!! :)

The event was held in the back of a London art gallery, in a room packed with oh-go-on-you-know-you-want-to-touch-me displays of beautiful crockery, quirky bike accessories, and WIND UP FREAKIN' DINOSAURS.

One corner of the room was basically Christmas Land, complete with a stocking-hung fireplace and teeny-tiny advent calendars. It felt rather strange getting excited about baubles at this time of year- but this is coming from a girl who displays her favourite glittery reindeer all year round; so take no notice of me as I'm clearly just one big mess of contradictions. 

I had a fabulous time at the event; chatting with lovely members of the dotcomgiftshop blogging team, meeting some incredibly talented fellow bloggers (and adding some new blogs to my ever-expanding reading list), and drinking elderflower cordial out of weeny milk bottles with a stripy straw. 

Even the water was adorable!
We might have also had a little play with some of the toys... How on earth could anyone resist this face?!

I spent over two hours admiring cute-as-a-button rucksacks, incredible teacups, and gorgeous patchwork blankets, before heading home with a huge grin, a few new friends, and a goody bag

The bag was present enough on its own, so I squealed with delight when I found this beauty nestled inside it. It has so many uses, as one would expect from a nicely wide-brimmed cup and saucer. It can hold craft supplies... 

Or summery snacks....

Or, y'know, whatever.... *ahem*

I guess I could even put tea in it! 

I used the bag as the background in these photos. I'm not going to show you what you can do with it because, well, it's a bag- and if you don't know what to do with those you probably shouldn't be allowed near the internet for health and safety reasons or something. 

After feasting my eyes on so much prettiness, and feasting my belly on fancy M&S wraps, I felt compelled to hop onto the dotcomgiftshop website as soon as I got home to check out their current sale (it's pretty epic!). Amongst other essentials, I bought this umbrella for £1.29 instead of £13 in two different colourways. Practically an investment!

And that's a wrap...

Katie xxx

P.S. This post wasn't sponsored by dotcomgiftshop, but they did give me the bag, teacup, and free drinks with fancy straws. All opinions about wind-up dinosaurs are, of course, my own. 


  1. what a fantastic event, wish I'd been there!! I love the look of those cups at the beginning of the post and I'm gonna have to get a dinosaur or two - maybe buy them for Dave at christmas and then we can play!

    1. It was really lovely- I felt so lucky to have been invited along! The cups were fantastic- and went straight to the top of my wishlist. You should definitely get some of the dinosaurs. xx

  2. This looks like so much fun!
    I bought my friend one of those wind-up dinosaurs (the T-Rex) for her birthday - such a cute gift idea :) x

    1. Lucky friend! They're such sweet presents- although I think I'd find it hard to give them away :) xx

  3. Oh no....there is a SALE on at dotcomgiftshop too? There goes my Sunday morning.... *hides purse from self*

  4. Wind up dinosaurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrs!!!! My equivalent of your plastic animal thing is wind-up toys! I've got a whole basket of them!!!!! Eeeek, so much loveliness here!!!!! This shop is clearly awesome!zx

  5. Eeek! It's all so cute and pretty! And I had a moment earlier this week where I was discussing my love of Fall and then I mentioned Christmas and I got all giddy inside about it <3

    And I'm loving their bags and these jumbo bags:
    So cute!

    1. Their bags are lovely, and the giant ones are a bargain. they're also huge, so you can fit so much crafting stuff/fabric etc in them. Very useful for keeping sewing stashes tidy :) xx