30 June 2013

Six Things Sunday

Hello lovelies!

It's been quite a while since I've written a list on here, which I reckon needs to be remedied - STAT*. So, here are six things currently putting a spring in my step:

1. Freebies

Tom and I went for dinner with our besties (who also happen to be a couple. Sickening, isn't it?) on Friday- and were treated to an Asian feast of huuuuge spring rolls and Malaysian noodle soup. Yum. I also handed over Fran's belated birthday presents, all of which were (thankfully!) received with glee. That or Fran's seriously improved her "Present Face". 

Fran was midway through having a good ol' clear-out, and let me have a rummage through the bags destined for the car boot sale. There is NOTHING I love more than rummaging through other peoples' stuff (especially when I'm allowed to take some of it home!). I nabbed a gorgeous cookery book by the equally gorgeous Sophie Dahl, a rather less superb "literary" offering by Mr Boulle of Made In Chelsea fame (which, having since read it, will definitely be returning to a car boot bag), an adorable bow clip, two packs of polka-dot paper-chains, and a set of Scrabble! 

Then, during today's mooch around town, I found two crates full of "Free Stuff - Take Me!" outside someone's front door, including some vinyl records. Don't mind if I do. In case you're wondering, I'm sitting-down-dancing to Sussudio whilst writing this post. 

2. Finding a good hair dye

I tried using Perfect 10 home dye for the first time yesterday, and I'm 100% converted. They have some really lovely shades of blonde, and it only took me 30 minutes from putting on the gloves (which took longer than you'd think, because I'm a moron and spent aaaages trying to tear open the packet- only to have the gloves fall out of the other end. Turns out I'd been trying to force open the bottom of an open-topped packet. Duh.) to having freshly blow-dried hair. 

Please note, "blow-dried" might possibly be a slightly misleading term here, as I don't use a hairbrush etc. like hairdressers do; I just tip my head upside down and blast it whilst scruffing up my hair with my fingers. I do this for as long as it takes for me to start to feeling dizzy from all the blood rushing to my head, and then stop. 

New colour, modelled here with my new hair bow (thanks, Fran!). To be honest, I'm just glad it's not yellow!

3. Scrabble Board

This was very much a joint effort of the Johnsons; Tom's Dad very kindly agreed/offered/was too nice to decline the use of his skills and his special metal cutting tool to fit a sheet of scrap metal into the back of a frame I picked up at the local fleamarket. Tom put in the nail to hang it on yesterday, as I can't be trusted with hammering. It's awesome having it up on the wall, as it's been on my To Craft list for ages

I'm really looking forward to writing lots of sweet messages to each other with the magnetic Scrabble tiles, such as "I LOVE YOU, TOPSHOP GUY" and "WE NEED MORE GRAVY (STAT)".

4. Colourful grub

Summery food is so much prettier than winter food (where everything is the colour of gravy). Things I've scoffed this weekend include: 

Leftover home-made pasta sauce with sundried tomato and pesto pimped couscous.

Strawberry, raspberry and banana smoothie (with raspberries I'd picked from the garden 30 seconds previously. Win.). 

Watermelon salad, on my new parrot tray

5. Pottering

After a few weekends spent flitting about the country (/running round Edinburgh like a happy loon - more on that to follow), it's been really nice having a relaxing weekend at home catching up on chores and sitting in the garden, thanks to my Magic Suncream

Yesterday I tackled some of the overgrown bushes in front of our house; as getting to the front door was beginning to become a Sleeping Beauty-esque battle of epic proportions. The part where the Prince has to hack his way through lots of thorns to snog her, not the bit where everyone falls asleep for ages. At least, I don't think the postie has been snoozing in our flower bed... 

6. Summery smells

We had two loads of washing drying on the line today (which I loved because I got to use my incredible bird pegs that make me feel like Snow White), despite also firing up the BBQ for an afternoon of excessive snacking/Pimms. Yes, our bedding is going to smell like smoke, but I really don't care. Cut grass, warm rain, and BBQs/campfires are some of my favourite summery smells- and I'd much rather smell of those than fancy perfume any day. 

What are you enjoying at the moment? I'd love to hear! 

Katie xxx

* By the way, using the term "STAT" is a brilliant way to convince anyone you need to impress that you're actually a brain surgeon. As is walking backwards through doors holding your arms close to your chest with your hands pointing up and saying "Oh, sorry- force of habit". 


  1. Oooh, love the Scrabble board!!! SO cool! Not with you on the bonfire smell- it's my most hated summer smell as it always gives me a headache!!! Hair bow and blond hair however, are cute!!x

    1. I can understand the dislike of bonfire smell- it can be rather acrid. I warned the neighbours about our BBQ yesterday "so their washing didn't end up smelling like chicken"; and they said they quite liked the sound of that! Haha xxx

  2. sounds like the best weekend! love the scrabble magnet frame! I was kucky to find scrabble cheap in a charity shop a while back and am always trying to think up new uses! xx

    1. Well done finding a bargain set of Scrabble; it's so expensive nowadays thanks to all the crafty folks getting in on the act. Was that the time they opened the charity shop up just for you? Or perhaps I'm confusing that with a different one of your thrifty purchases? Hmm... xxx

  3. Hiya, found your blog via Duck In A Dress! Love that scrabble frame idea :) and your meals all look really yummy.

    1. Welcome, Nic! Lovely to have you join the party *proffers biscuits* :) xxx

  4. Hahaha, love your brain surgeon pretense, it's brilliant!
    I like your blog so much that I nominated you for the Liebster award! For more info come on over: http://mivasophia.blogspot.ca/2013/07/award-i-won-award.html

    1. Aw! Thank you so much Miriam; that's totally made my day :) xxx

  5. I enjoyed this post uber lots. I also imagine you rushing backwards through doors arms held up shouting STAT!

  6. These smells, cut grass, warm rain, and BBQs/campfires, also top my favourite smells! I used to have a grass perfume that really smelled like fresh cut grass. We had a bonfire last weekend and it was so nice. I find it comforting.