21 May 2013

Three Things Tuesday

Hello lovelies

It's been a while since I've done a "Stuff I Think Is Good" post, so here's a list of three things currently floating my boat:

1. Daydreaming about caravans
I've wanted one sooooo badly ever since I saw Sightseers. Which is all kinds of wrong, and if you've seen the film you're probably now a little bit afraid. In my defence, I don't want a caravan so I can go around murdering rude people. I want one so I can decorate the inside like this:

Or this:

Maybe with a bit of this:

To be honest, I mostly blame Sharon from The Happy Caravan (my sixth Blog of the Week) for showing me just how brilliant unloved caravans can look with a little TLC. Ok, a lot of TLC. Ok, with three weeks of sanding, hammering, scrubbing, varnishing and painting. I'm hoping I'd be able to achieve the same amazing transformation with a handful of crochet-covered scatter cushions and a thermos flask or two. Totally doable, right?! 

2. Lusting after Catbird NYC sparkles
I'm definitely not a "proper" jewellery kind of girl; every piece I own is made of plastic (and, in most cases, Lego). I'm still using the jewellery box I was given as a little girl- and the contents probably wouldn't look out of place on a glitz-loving toddler even now. As a result, there are very few occasions when I catch myself drooling over something made of silver, or set with fancy stones. But today I stumbled across Catbird NYC and feel instantly in love with pretty much everything. 

Diamond Signet Ring by Digby + Iona

Equally beautiful, but slightly less quirky Ombre Eternity Band by Elisa Solomon
Battle Diagram Ring by Digby + Iona

Still far from traditional jewellery, but there's not a Lego brick in sight...

3. Being thankful for boyfriends
Well, one in particular. All my other boyfriends are totally rubbish- they never put their coats over puddles for me or anything. I mean- what's the point in imaginary extra boyfriends if they don't at least keep your shoes dry?! 

Seriously, though; I count my blessings every day that someone is not only willing to live with me day-in-day-out, but actually happy to! Tom puts up with my moods, my bouts of chronic laziness, the fact everything in our house ends up covered in chocolate crumbs, and the fact that if he leaves something sitting still too long it will end up decoupaged in bits of the AA road guide. I'd like to think there's a balance between us somewhere- but I wake up every morning metaphorically pinching myself (I can't actually pinch myself- I bruise like a peach!) that he's still sticking around; despite my duvet hogging, jumper-stealing, vacuum-avoiding traits... 

True Love is apparently not getting cross when someone eats all your Easter eggs *ahem*
I bet once Tom reads that list written down he'll suddenly realise how rubbish I am :p Oops! 

Katie xxx


  1. Aw, how romantic! He sounds like a bearded treasure! What a lovely couple you are.
    I'm also lusting after vintage caravans. Sadly, in order to get one in the back garden we'd have to hire a crane or demolish a wall and/or the garage. And I'm not allowed to do either which is a shame as I was willing to do it. My husband spoils all my fun. :( xx

    1. He's a good'un, that's for sure :) Thank you!
      Apparently if we were to get a caravan we'd have to get a new car first because our little one isn't strong enough to pull anything. Car shopping doesn't interest me at all- so I think Tom's saved himself from a Cath Kidston wagon there :p xx

    2. Gosh we don't even have a car. Don't they get delivered on the back of trucks or get pulled by taxis? Damn, another reason we can't have one...

    3. If we got motorhome things instead of caravans they would have their own car!! *metaphorically legs it to ebay* xx

  2. Oh you to are so cute! That is an impressive beard. The day I met my Mr, I said I liked a man with a beard, and he didn't shave for 6 months. There are photos of him where I'm not sure if he is man or yeti.
    It's good that these men put up with our little quirks. Covering everything in washi tape is the most recent thing the Mr has had to cope with. poor wee lamb.

    1. Teehee- that must've been quite a shock when he shaved it off! Tom's thinking of going completely clean shaven this summer- it'll be the first time I've ever seen him beardless; and we've been together for over 4.5 years! Sounds like they're both very forgiving and good at turning a blind eye to our craft whims :) xx

  3. You DIDN'T eat his easter eggs??????????? GASP!!!!! Love the signet ring- what a great idea! Tom sounds a sweetie!! I never really was interested in caravans until you led me to the Happy Caravan!!x

    1. Erm... not ALL of them... And I bought him some beer to make up for it (which he prefers to chocolate anyway- honest!) He's very sweet - secretly :p Sharon certainly knows how to make caravans drool-worthy, doesn't she? xx

  4. You guys are so cute. You need to start watching George Clarke's amazing spaces. His caravan is seriously fab. Much love x x x

    1. I've seen it and loved it!! He actually got his caravan fitted out at a warehouse round the corner from me :) xxx

  5. Sounds like a keeper, the boyfriend not a caravan o' course. x

  6. Love the caravan pics! A while ago there was a tv prog called Amazing Small Spaces and they showed some gorgeous caravans, camper vans and old buses converted into accommodation.