24 May 2013

Why Google + Hangouts Have Now Ruined Regular Conversations For Me, Forever

Ok, so tonight I tried Google + Hangouting (or "G+H-ing" as all the kids are calling it nowadays*) for the first time. And before you say anything, I'm well aware that I'm at least 8 years behind the times with the whole computer camera chat-o-rama thing. 

But, anyway, just LOOK at all the awesome outfits one can wear whilst G+H-ing:

Can you tell which one is Tom? Didn't think so. 

I have told Tom we are no longer allowed to hold a conversation in the same room, unless I have access to a dressing up box. Who on earth would want to talk face to face, when they could videochat with a monocle?!

I'm off to try on a tiara. Perhaps with a handlebar moustache. 

Katie xxx

* They aren't really. That's a lie


  1. Love this! I made my man sign up to G+ just so I could do this with him...even if we were in the same room. You'll be glad to know the dressing up options change over xmas, I had antler ears and a red nose ;]

    1. Ooh that's very good to know! Roll on Christmas- I want some antlers :p xx

  2. Not seen his! I am 20 years behind!

  3. How did I not know this exists?? But then again, I have yet to Skype...