28 March 2013

Three Things Thursday

Hello my dears

Happy faux-Friday to you all! I hope you've got a lovely long weekend off work (thanks, Jesus!) and lots of excellent plans to fill it with. I'm off for six whole glorious days, as I decided to take off Tuesday and Wednesday next week too because it's my birthday (on Wednesday). Yippee! 

In addition to the no work giddiness, here are three other things making me smile today:

1. Silly signs

A friend shared this list of Things British People Know To Be True on Facebook earlier in the week, and these two sets of photos made me giggle a lot.

The Argus is the same paper that reported the Horror Duck Attack

This sign is apparently somewhere on the London underground. Brilliant.

2. Better butter beans

Tesco recently had an offer on Napolina tinned beans, so Tom and I decided to give them a try instead of buying the mid-range Tesco tins. Butter beans are one of my favourite foods (probably because they contain the word "butter") - I'd happily eat them straight from the tin.

The difference in quality was astonishing- Napolina beans are about three times plumper, a better colour, and taste so creamy you'd think they WERE made of butter.

Napolina beans - fatter than a chubby cowboy baby

So we've decided to carry on buying them (well done Tesco, suckering us in with your BOGOF offers!) because we've the difference in taste is worth the extra 17-odd pence a tin. Our latest batch of home-made hummus was out of this world, thanks to some fancy-pants chickpeas. Who knew a store-cupboard staple could vary so much?!

3. Surprise presents

I've mentioned before how much I love sending (and receiving) silly surprise presents, and whilst shopping for delicious coffee syrups I had a little brainwave for the perfect spontaneous gift for my lovely sister-in-law.

Said SIL is currently cooking a baby in her belly, which I am VERY excited about as a first-time Auntie (despite the fact that being an Auntie makes me feel OLD). I imagine I'll be spending most of the foreseeable future making baby versions of things like this, and forcing her to put the baby in them (Sorry, Nicci!)

The last time I saw Nicci she mentioned how much she was craving gin and tonics, so when I spotted this syrup I thought- GENIUS. It's non-alcoholic, which means Nicci can guzzle away to her hearts content without having to worry about the baby coming out with six eyes or something (although that would be kind of awesome).

I think Nicci quite liked it :p

Wishing you all a brilliant Easter weekend with truckloads of eggy goodness!!
Katie xxx


  1. The sloth sign is GENIUSSS! I want to see it in person!!! Oooh, happy birthday to you!!! Nice time to have it! Hope the weather behaves for you!x

    1. Thanks Kezzie :) Doing an Easter Egg hunt as my birthday party but expect it will have to be of the indoor variety! xx

  2. HaHa yeah, thanks Jesus! Long weekend woo! If someone wanted to send you an unexpected something, where would they send it to? I'm asking for... a friend! yes - a friend!