29 March 2013

Just Beachy

Today has involved...

- Doing some driving 
Driving is a really big deal for me. I've never felt confident in my driving ability due to a combination of lack of experience and my tendency to over-think everything, which has created an evil super-villain voice in my head that keeps muttering about dented hubcaps, smashed off wing mirrors, and kids who run out in the road to get their footballs. 

- A frost-bitten walk in the icy cold wind
Tom and I spent the morning being daredevils and stomping along the cliff path at Beachy Head. I'd never been before, and Tom only once before when doing some night-time photography with a friend. I found it rather frightening that some parts of the cliff face were completely open-  not even a pathetically weedy wire fence to keep people from accidentally falling over the edge. 

Tom and I have agreed that I am definitely NOT the kind of person who lives life "on the edge". I am very much the kind of person who lives life "right in the middle"; covered in a blanket, drinking tea and reading a book, occasionally yelling at the people who are living on the edge to "BE CAREFUL!!". 

- Hearty food and Hot Cross Buns
We bought some fresh bread and soup for lunch on our way home from Beachy Head, and couldn't resist grabbing a packet of fresh hot cross buns. Tesco's bakery was churning out approximately 3,000,000 buns a minute, and they smelt SO DAMN GOOD. As we passed the "root vegetables" section we walked what felt like a wall of hot-cross-bun-smell. I wish they made scented candles in that flavour.

- Reorganising the larder
I'm mentioned before exactly how much I love to organise, and with this seemingly never-ending winter our collective subconsciouses seem to be intent on forcing us to buy and store as much food as possible. Thankfully our squirrel-like tendencies faded before we were forced to start ripping up the carpet and burying tins of baked beans under the floor. 

Horrible mess. Just look at it. Disgraceful. 

Due to our excessive purchasing of all the main food groups (Emergency M&Ms, wine, and wholewheat spaghetti) our "larder", aka The Under-Stairs Cupboard, was looking an absolute state. The house was strewn with tins of plum tomatoes that hadn't got a home (poor little mites). So I rolled up my sleeves and got stuck in. 

Much better (there's an order to it, I swear!)
I hope you're all having a most excellent Easter weekend! 

Katie xxx


  1. Bravo! I can definitely see the order there! I am also a person of that ilk- definitely yelling from the sidelines (under a blanket!)
    Ooh, we might just possibly be going to Lewes to visit the Darcy store (for Bridegroom possibility) next week- please can you leave me a comment telling me how it is pronounced! I say LEW- ISSSS, my fiance keeps saying LOOOOOS, which is driving me insane and I am SURE is wrong! Can you settle an argument pleasee?!?!!x

  2. I keep meaning to take a stroll up peachy head,in a non depressing way!I love your organisation of the pantry!Sounds exactly like something id do!!xx