27 March 2013


Hey guys!!! I have some exciting news to share with you. No, not the news about the Ryan Gosling emergency hotline. Better. 

I've mentioned before that buying home magazines is my guilty pleasure; they just seem like a lot of money for some pretty bits of paper. Then my tip-top top-tip boyfriend told me about Zinio; a website where you can subscribe to magazines electronically for less monies. 

The idea didn't really appeal to me at first- I like having a physical magazine to flip through/fold down the corners of/rip pages out of to stick on my cork board and drool over when I'm eating my breakfast at the weekend (not ACTUALLY drooling on them, you understand; I mastered eating cereal without dribbling the milk everywhere in December ages ago).

But THEN Tom told me that if one signs up for an account with Zinio (get me, using "one"- it's like I'm the Queen!!) for free, a few days later they send you a $10 code, with no minimum spend! :) You can grab $10 worth of magazines for absolutely zilch. The issues I chose came to a little over $10, but two electronic magazines still only cost me 40p. I'm a little sad I can't hold them in my hands properly, but given that the off-the-shelf price would've been closer to £7 for both of them, I'm not going to start getting fussy.

Price? Freeeee.... ish. Ok, 40p. 
You can totally do it too- just sign up to Zinio and wait for your code. 

Katie xxx

P.S. This post wasn't sponsored by Zinio- I just like helping people get stuff for free :) 

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  1. Ooh you are so very helpful. I like the idea of saving dosh but I LOVE having an actual real life mag in my hands.